10 Gold Farms You Should Be Doing! Raid and Dungeon Edition 8.1.5 Bfa


Hey Guys and Gals we are back! Expect new videos and more gold!
10 Gold Farms You Should Be Doing! Raid and Dungeon Edition 8.1.5 Bfa

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Super chat of $10+ becomes a mod
During streams!


Top 4 Raw Gold Making Ways! 8.1.5 Bfa



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Quick Farm Spot #6! Best Raw Gold Farm? US/EU – 8.0



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Quick Farm Spot #6! Best Raw Gold Farm! US/EU – 8.0



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  1. awesome video, genius tips as always and thanks for sharing the knowledge! by the way may i ask how do you normally make a party to get out of instances like Iron Dock or Sunwell if you haven't got a guildie to help you or another account to slave ? is that possible ?

  2. I under stand that was farming Strat 3 times a day in the mornings got some good greens im on Mal'Ganis btw and here we are a week later nothing has sold man mogs are just so expensive atm.

  3. I farm Black temple , hellfire and pretty much all Wod raids cause not only the amount of gold but mount drops and transmog . Honestly I’m not a good gold farmer But I reached 1mil with xmog gear not to mention the raw gold is around 3-4 if not more .

  4. Hey Komlit, love the WOW content. Hope you're well. I just wanted to get in touch and ask if you'd like a theme song created for your channel? Free of charge of course. I'm trying to make some tracks for youtubers that's all. If you're interested pleasae do get in touch and we'll get the ball rolling. All the best <3

  5. i like the top 1-4 gold guide made enough gold for 5 months of free wow for a little bit of time made me into a gold genius 🙂 i also like your rant of solo gold making

  6. I can vouch for Auchindon. I go there every week with 3 characters, each does mythic, hero and 1 normal runs. I get around 2.5k from each charater, just from gold and vendoring all the drops. Total time is less than 30mn.

  7. My favorite part of your channel is you ALWAYS post new ways for me to make gold! I love it. Plus, you alwyas say how much you get per hour / per dungeon!

    You are a Gold Genius

  8. Thanks for sharing this video, is really helpful for people like me who doesn't know what to do for gold. I'm running out of gold and this will help a lot! Thanks


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