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  1. I would suggest going to Stranglethorn Vale and kill the tigers that are in the North area, next to the Nesingwary Camp, their whiskers vendor for 7 silver each. Get 10 and you got 70 silver 🙂 not a 100% drop but quite common, had a bunch whilst questing there. The Gorillas and Panthers drop similar stuff for like 5-6 silver. 10000% pick up Skinning for the extra gold

  2. So… I have skinning. Went to badlands and farmed the stalkers on my mage until my 14 slot bags were full (barely over 1 1/2 hrs)

    Got 7 greens, a couple being a nice 80s vendor price. Made about 4g and some change in the skinning…

    Totaled at 16g 28s. WITH SKINS. Which averaged to 6.512 g per hour. Which isn’t bad, but absolutely exaggerated in this video. On top of that, without skinning, you earn a meager 10ish gold.. which is roughly 4g an hour.

    Summary.. ONLY do the beast farming, and ONLY do it if you’re a skinner.

    Oh and PS I’m also a cook and made jungle stew out of all of the tiger meat, changing them from a 8s 10 stack to a 60s 20 stack. So this guys numbers are garbage. Good Luck, Bigglesworth says hello

  3. Lost Onces in Swamp of sorrows – just stayed there last night farming the chests and silk cloth for my tailering. i got half a level 38 like 4 stacks of silk cloth 4 greens and two blues. not bad at all…. thx for the tip!!!

  4. okay you have just lost all credibility I have kilrogg is not credible are you fucking kidding me dude I leveled from basically 34 through 44and I could pull mobs efficiently in the cathedral for groups of mages and a priest.

    It was guaranteed access to amazing experience.

    Usually I respect most of your guides that advice is trash.

  5. Basilksks in shimmering flats 12g an hour trash sells for a lot…. And i think theirs a bug it least once in 10 to 20 kills i get a green that sells for 2g without fail. Got 400g so far just mob grinding 3 levels

  6. just a lil add to the ridge huntress: they drop tiger meat which can be used in a recipe for a soup, combining it with 2 apples and 1 fresh water. the soup sells for 3s on vendors and you get 2 soups out of 1 tiger meat + 2 apples +1 fresh water, which combined are worth ~1s. by using cooking, you can easily add 1-2g/hr to the huntress farm spot making it the top spot by far imho.

  7. So from my own experience, i made it to lvl 40 with 98g on my char after spending about 30 on leatherworking / skinning / first aid / cooking and / fishing professions and another 15g on item upgrades like bags, bank slots, pet slots and bank-bags. I never spend 1 min grinding mobs, all done through selling green items for 20-50s on AH or vendor the item if it was worth 50s+
    After i got my mount at lvl 40. i went to stv. and grinded for one full lvl, killing nothing but basilisks, and walked away with 37g. no joke, just grind for ONE! lvl and you can afford your mount no problem, it's not hard to make gold on gray vendor dops, it's super easy.

  8. I'm really not sure how in the world you came up with these numbers but they seem pretty outrageous. The drops from Swamp Jaguars and Ridge Huntresses are so fucking low. Maybe a soft tail per every 5-6 mobs you kill. I MAYBE got 1g/hr. The only thing on this list that seems like it drops enough stuff to vendor for any good money is raptors, but still, nothing like 7g unless you are a mage AOE farming. As a priest at the same level as the mobs, I can maybe do 2-3g an hour if I'm really fucking steaming along without any interruptions.

  9. Those Ridge Hunters only seem to drop their meat most of the time, if anything. I got a few of the other items but nowhere remotely close to 10g/hr even counting the skins :/

  10. the "10 gold" off the tigers in badlands is super bullcrap. I got 2g 40s of 1 hour non stop griding + like 1g 50s from skins (which im not vendoring since im using them) just so you know and dont waste your time doing that.


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