250,000 Gold Donkey Grind | Shadowlands Goldfarming


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In this video we are goldfarming in tiragarde for the Chewed’On Reins of the terrified Pack Mule , a sellable BFA Mount that we can easily farm for in a 2×4 goldfarm settup.
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  1. Thanks for the video. I want the mount to add to my collection, not to sell. You said in the video that you should do it in 2 groups of 4, is there a reason you can't solo farm for this? sorry if I misunderstood.

  2. I farmed for this mount in BFA but used a different route. Got 4 in just a few days but I'm pretty sure it's luck. Also don't know the kills per hour but I always had something to kill.

  3. This mounts is 1M in my server but back in BFA i spend 40+ hours farming (with great groups)… it never dropped, i ended up buying for 140k in the ah. So yeah never doing this again ahahahha good luck

  4. You didnt do the secret donkey world quest mount farm wich is a little bit better that the cave 🙂

  5. I honestly think they are overpriced. As an alliance player, I refuse to spend over 200k for a horse/donkey.

  6. on ur server its worth 400k but on mine its 90k and i have 2 in bank, the problem is when i buy it all out they will just repost more for 90k so its no point tbh just i guess ill hold on to them


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