3 Ways to Make LOTS of Gold in New Patch 8.1.5 | BFA Gold Guide


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  1. Wow, I am SO happy to know there is a way to repeat Raid Finder! I am missing SO many Appearances from all the Raid Finder versions because I didn't do enough Raid Finder back then. Thank you so much for this info! <3

  2. Hi Breg. I wanted to ask what type of realm is best to make gold. Like is it best to make gold on a high pop realm, medium pop realm, or a low pop realm? I play on a few high pop US realms such as Dalaran, Moon Guard, and Thrall realms and I am having trouble selling ores and herbs because I am constantly being undercutted. Anyways, any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. I enjoy your channel so much and thank you for your time and input. : )

  3. fast and easy way to make a pile of gold step by step 100% legit, a few friends of mines found from a deep domain

  4. Man I'm broker than a homeless crack addict, but I have 5 million worth in pets. The fuck if I'm ever selling my pets, though. I can't fathom the thought.

  5. The WoW economy is so dead. Gathering used to be consistent money, now Anchorweed selling for 40g each loool.

  6. The pets have never sold like that on my realm. They were 10k at first, but not selling; already fallen to like 2k or less each now. Raiding with leashes pets are too easy to get and end up worth only a few hundred gold in the end, if that. They are not profitable. You get more from running those raids for gear and junk to sell than you will from the pets at this stage. Even people who want it done right away know to just wait a week now. The AH gets FLOODED and completely oversaturated mere hours after drop. The drawback perhaps of playin on a high pop realm?

    The new gear is definitely profitable though, esp om hugh pop realm, because of all the allied race leveling! That, plus flasks and pots, are timelessly effective gold makers.

  7. 4:30 was the moment I realized you have said the same thing 10 times, (left this comment so maybe you will change that if I ever stumble upon another one of your videos) and left

  8. Honestly on my server the AH is dead. No one buying anything. Like…ever. and Its a high populated realm

  9. Slight diversion but just to say a thanks for all your videos and especially the TSM groups and operations, just got back into the game after a long hiatus and beside personal pet and mounts farming isn't really my thing so trying to get a smidge of start up funds via crafting out of my characters sizeable stockpile of older crafting stuff and the TSM settings are a godsend, objectives are 1) become self sustaining for gametime, 2) bag a 'free' copy of BfA, 3) Gold Cap, cheers again

  10. People have been making money off of gear and pets for ages. Brawler's guild isn't a money sinc. You can literally find an NPC that will give you an item when bought that is account wide for your characters to enter the fighting pit.

    Just a common 'make gold' video that doesn't prove much.

  11. i know when bfa was new and you could make fist weapons like 300 and skinning the tiny dinos before they where patched made 8 million gold but sadly was a long time ago in 8.0 was nice while it lasted

  12. Just ran all 3 raid finder. Mogu shan didn't spawn the spirit kings for me so had to leave it from there. Got some nice mog, about 2k gold from drops and trash, got 2 pets, each selling for around 10k. Brilliant method!

  13. … nice to see the face of Jazza from 'Draw with Jazza' on a WOW video… my 2 main past times combined yay^^

  14. I farmed the pets on my 5 toons on Tuesday. I ended up missing just 1 for the achievement with 3 duplicate pets. And an extra elegon mount i dndt need.

  15. @BregVids I just did MSV and got Baoh-Xi, but it's soulbound, so this selling them does not work? or am I doing it wrong? i went into 25m HC MSV.

  16. good luck selling any pets no one buys them. been sitting on many pets for over 40+ days better off deleting them.

  17. Forget the prices tanking in the first week or two. The prices tanked THE SAME day. Pets are down from 100k to 10k on my server.


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