30,000 Gold Per Hour In WoW – 0 To Gold Cap Challenge BFA 8.1


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In this video i will show you
My Channel Covers Gold Guides and Achievements for all players in wow.

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  1. indicators that this farming method will not make you 30k/h if the words "insane", "transmog" and "good sellrate" are in it. these addons/websites only show for how much gold the items got listed, not for how much they actually sell. so if you have 1000 items worth 20k each, you can relist them for 6 month straight on a full pop server and maybe get 200k gold out of it if you are lucky. 0/10 clickbait video! farm doesnt work.

  2. How the hell do all of your transmogs sell? I have tons of transmog listed for sale all with decent sell rates and on a high pop realm. But only like 1 out of 20-25 seem to sell. what should be the daily sale rate for me to even consider listing?


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