40 BIG REVEALS! The Lesser-Known WoW: Shadowlands Features, Lore, Changes & Updates!


Shadowlands is WoW’s most vague expansion announcement, but we’ve been able to piece together every bit of information that you WON’T have seen through the main announcement, cinematic, trailer & Blizzcon panels.

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  1. so everyone's maxed level will be 50-60 instead of 120 then we need to level up to 60 again?? this means a level 100 raid that drops to level 50-60 will be the same level as the player making it impossible to solo again, now if the max level is still 120 and you enter the new area that forces you to level 50-60 then that would work.

  2. Corrupted gear is annoying. I actually hate all the complications on gear… it feels tedious and its only purpose is to provide busy work. Just give us regular gear. Don't prune the shit out of skills.. and then give some stuff back through gear. It's a pointless system to make a bunch of work to do. The last 2 expansions have progressively been getting more annoying to play. They seem to be catering only to players who play all day – everyday. Anyone who plays a few days a week for a few hours is really unlikely to be able to participate in most end game stuff. Bring back pvp gear vendors, and honor. Ty.

  3. they dont give a shit about your feedback so that whole thing with those pieces of gear feedback doesn't matter, and we have too many garbage allied races dont want to farm rep for them on older xpacs. no new class ?? nope there is some level squish but that doesn't seem like anything special. fail all around the creativity is gone from them so they put up diverse faces and shit, noone cares.

  4. Pathfinder is a cop out for not developing zones that set hazards and areas that properly exploit the players ability to fly. Like floating islands, hidden caves and flying enemies that can target and dismount you.

    Also the corrupted system is unpleasant and I would not look forward to it being a permanent replacement for titan forging. I don't mind a different system but I will not put up with one biased on negative enforcement for a whole expansion.

  5. 11:35 The Horde/Alliance Faction Fight is Over… Yes, there will always be small sects that will never let go of their hatred, and thus there will continue to be skirmishes, i.e. Battlegrounds, Warfronts, World PvP, etc. to keep the Faction Die-Hards happy. Why does Blizz keep beating a dead horse? I want us to be able to choose a race and play in either faction. I'm not alone in this.


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