40 Paladins from Sulfuron-EU Clear Classic Molten Core

40 Paladins from Sulfuron-EU Clear Classic Molten Core

We have another Classic world first, as a group of 40 Paladins cleared Molten Core on the French realm Sulfuron-EU in another outstanding example of community achievement, organized by Mevanwy of the guild . While 40 Paladins previously cleared the raid on the Ahn’Qiraj PTR, this is the first time it has been done on live servers by players all on the same realm! Interestingly a group of Korean raiders replicated the feat the very next day.

Assembling the raid was quite a challenge, due to the generally low population of well geared Retribution Paladins on any single server. The previous group circumvented this restriction by clearing Molten Core on the Ahn’Qiraj Public Test Realm, thereby allowing them to draw players from many different servers, ending up with a very well geared raid and not having to worry about the cost of consumables or missing their own regular raid lockouts. Despite all coming from the small server though, the raid was well decked out with 13 Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, 5 Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood, 2 Bonereaver’s Edge, and 1 Dark Edge of Insanity – the small community of Paladins worked to their benefit, as most of the raiding Paladins on the server already knew one another and were very happy for the opportunity to finally meet one another in the same raid to kick some ass, clearing the raid in just under 2 hours with no wipes!

The raid was streamed and recorded from several points of view, available on twitch and youtube. Keep in mind that being on a French realm, the players are all speaking in French, although Max’s video cuts out the dialogue in favor of an epic instrumental soundtrack.

  • Max on Youtube playing the Retribution Paladin Sitael of the guild .
  • Karakachou on Twitch, playing the Protection Paladin Mevanwy of the guild , who organized the raid.
  • The Ret CyrusPaladin of the guild on Twitch and Youtube, with the video split up into several chapters including some PvP in the Undercity, raid preparation, pre-pull shenanigans, and each individual boss.

Long considered the underdog of Classic WoW, these paragons of the light set out to prove to all the haters that Retribution may not be the most competitive, but it’s still good enough to complete the same challenges which several other classes have undertaken. While Molten Core may be seen by many as an easy raid at this stage, clearing it with 40 Paladins still provided a lot of unique challenges for the group. One of the raiders, Paloufdeouf from the guild (EU-Sulfuron), reached out to us with the story and shared some of their insights from the raid.

The healers did an amazing job throughout the raid. As much as Paladins are outstanding single target healers, they are not as good at healing many people at once, so it was necessary that everyone was doing their best to minimize damage. We had some ninja aggro on the bridge behind Golemagg that would have wiped us, and some people even called for the wipe on voice, but our healers just barely managed to absorb the initial shock and sustain everyone until the mobs were dead. Tanks had a fairly easy time maintaining threat on single target due to Greater Blessing of Kings spam, but they had to coordinate properly on boss with adds to avoid the chaos of constantly ripping threat off of one another.

We went in with some world buffs, although it wasn’t really mandatory. Some of our DPS did go all out with consumables and Supreme Power flasks though, since our DPS also had to do their best or we simply wouldn’t be able to kill things and could wipe on bosses like Shazzrah and Ragnaros. Another interesting gameplay aspect of DPS is how useful the hybrid nature of Paladin appeared in the raid, especially on fights with raid-wide damage; while the healers were busy healing the tanks, it felt natural for DPS to step out of the melee and cast a heal before jumping back in, like a true holy warrior.

We used restoration potion to deal with the curses on Lucifron, Gehennas and Shazzrah, along with Grand Arcane Protection Potions. On Lucifron the adds were pulled and killed one by one far away from the others to avoid them getting healed too much, while we outdpsed their self healing. Bubbles were mostly used to cleanse players once Restoration potions were on cooldown, or to get a few extra swings of damage in during Baron Geddon’s inferno. The most difficult fight was arguably Shazzrah, because we were just getting melted by his damage once the restoration potion, the arcane protection potion and bubble fell off.

Ragnaros was the most epic fight though: with the high raid damage, players flying around all over the place, and people dying around me, Ragnaros has never been so scary! We knew we were going to have to deal with the submerge, and once the P2 hit the adds have this manaburn aura, so most of the surviving players were oom or very close to it. The situation was critical, and we knew we had to kill the boss or we wouldn’t make it through another of those phases.

I ended up one lava tick away from dying twice after being bumped into the lava, but it felt heroic managing to stay alive and fighting to send the elemental lord back where he belongs. In the end, I got the last hit and finishing off the Firelord was a personal highlight to end the run!

After the raid we went to pray at Uther’s monument in the Western Plaguelands, then headed into Tirisfal to take back the Undercity. We took down Varimathras but the Dark Lady escaped her fate (she wooped our ass!).

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