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In this video we are hyperspawn farming for the Goldenmane’s Reins & The Abyssal Fragments in stormsong valley!
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  1. first of all NO ONE ever buy green shit so forgot about that… next hope to get a mount drop iss a 1 % chance ….. if you do you covenent missions (on a few alts )and so on you get more mony and it is save. Besides i´m from Eu the mount costs here on my realm´s only 200k …. so think again bevore waist time here

  2. Problem with mount farms or even transmog farms is there is only so many people that buy these types of things. Then you have 50 people farming same items they tell 5 of their friends Hey check this easy farm. WoW video makers all do the same video. Then those veiwers tell someone and before you know it there is more people selling than buying. So the already limited market of buyers get that item and don't have to buy it again. These farms are time limited before your time isn't worth gold you'll get. It's a double edged sword it's Kool people make these videos but they just shorten that time window with every view.

  3. Very rare drop. Farmed it multiple timpes in 2 × 4 teams , each time at least for 4 hours and no drop or 1 drop per entire team.

  4. Just wanted to say ONE more time, THANK you STUDEN!! You were the first video I watched on gold making back in November last year. I was a 14 year vet Wow player and had ALWAYS paid with my credit card all those years. Never had alot of gold. Since last November and your first few Shadow lands videos and also buying your 10mil guide I have made well over 15 million gold in 5 months and its totally changed my Wow experience :D…. I have every mount I want, I buy any gear in the Ah I want. Its insane. LOL, I never thought I could be that guy with alot of gold..and honestly it isnt hard. its easier than getting geared up, IMO hahahah
    I started with pure druid bear farming leathers and herbs in Ardeweald (reindeer route LOL) luckily back when they were selling for insane amounts. Then I jumped right into Ah flipping once I had 2 accounts going and paid for and a million nest egg. Now Im rolling in GOld on many toons and do what I want as far as gold making. I can never farm again and stay rich.. SO MUCH better way to play Wow lol. You and a few other good video makers have made it possible.
    The haters can hate and say that these kind of videos are BS and dont work, and thats ok. Let us hustlers go get the gold. They can Sit back and whine lol…

  5. Hey Studen, nice videos keep it up! I'm curious to know how these new 4×4 groups work that have been popping up in the Shadowlands Pre-mades. Any insight on them and or what they mean by 4×4? Is it 4 groups with 4 people in each? Again, thanks for all the awesome vids!

  6. Do you know any good raw gold farms? I'm tired of the AH because people LOVE to way undersell stuff. Like the Darkreach head piece goes down to around 20k sometimes on my server. Also the warbear leather keeps going down, when I farmed it the price was around 210 g per, now its under 180 g and I still havent sold half of mine even though I was consistently changing the price.
    For raw gold I know during BFA there was skinning and leather working to sell to vendors, do you know of anything like that? I know the one in zuldazar has been nerfed (they were like 40g per weapon now its only 11g)

  7. from 20k to 300k in a week, great guide. great videos. a lil more capital and I can really take off I think. keep it up.

  8. Most realms the Goldenmane Reins Mount unfortunately isn't anywhere near 400k let alone 450k. Much closer to 300k on low pop realms, 150k on high pop realms. 400/450k is not a typical price for this probably was a market reset on that realm. Just pre-warning to those fellow Goblins who are considering doing this, check your personal AH before you dive into it so you can make sure you're happy with the price of it 🙂

  9. Do you know if you don't grey the mob out can it drop when you are in raid? Sometimes waiting for RBG queue I try to farm this solo but not sure if it can drop.

  10. hello studen are you at all worried about your tattoos scaring off all the kawaii japanese hotties? just wondering if that was something you took into account when you had them made..


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