5 Ways To Make MILLIONS Of Gold in WoW: BfA


In this video I go over some ways of farming gold in BfA! Let me know any other great ways to make gold.

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  1. That being said… every time a video is made of insane gold spots… it gets nerfed. Wish people would stop telling Blizzard where these spots are. Next time I find one and think "wow… this is way too good" I'll farm it non-stop as I know it will be nerfed like every spot I have found.

  2. This is the dumbest thing I've seen in a while. Especially that anchorweed-thing. If you wanna make millions, the last thing you do is inflate the amount of rare anchorweeds in circulation. Unless you're convincing all you friends to give you all the anchorweeds for you to keep and sell on your own, this is not a good way to make millions, it just lowers the price of the anchorweeds.

  3. what ive noticed is that almost all of these methods on yt dont actually get you GOLD. they get you items which you can sell. and that all depends on supply and demand. so these are all technically useless….

  4. You need to learn to read trade skill master.
    The leather gloves dropped at the start have a region sale avg price of 500g.
    That top price is what some mong has them currently listed for along with a bunch of grey items they've probably listed for 10k gold.
    Just because they're listed at that, doesn't mean they'll sell, hence the region sale avg.

  5. Looked Up The Auction Price for Chromatic sword on my server Area 52. one selling for 1 million 200 thousand gold. and then there's 4 more listed at 237 thousand gold… the market for gold has truly plummetted. Looked up Wow Gold Selling Sites the sellers are selling 100k gold for $15 a pop, Ok so Blizz is selling it for around $20 a pop and I don't get banned that way, Never bought gold from wow gold sites anyhow and I can see why not worth the money its almost exactly at blizzards price not worth it at all. I'm Sorry Longboy you are just a Long Long Time Away. Gold Is just an impossible task for me to make.


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