64,000 Gold/Hour | WINTER'S KISS FARMING | BFA Herbalism Guide


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Battle for Azeroth has just…a ton of herbs. It’s not hard to get some, but optimizing can be harder when they’re everywhere. Today I’m gonna go into way too much depth to show you the best way I know of to farm Winter’s Kiss.

Results 1 hr:
Winter’s Kiss: 700
Siren’s Pollen: 50
Riverbud: 37
Star Moss: 5
Anchor Weed: 21 (this is going to vary, of course)

Platinum: 30
Monelite: 176
Storm Silver: 110
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  1. Love the fact you analyze it to the second… LOL. I've just started WOW a few months ago because of Pandemic. HUGE learning curve!! But thanks to you, it's made it way more manageable… If you ever do a beginner's guide to acronyms used by veteran players, it would great!!! The first week where my girlfriend (a vet since the beginning) was like – playing a warlock is great, you just go around and dot everything..drove me bananas!!! finally I got it out…"damage over time.."..ugh!!

  2. 1 gold on my server… wtf is wrong with people?

  3. I've taken 50 screenshots of common BFA herbs on the AH. Hundreds and hundreds of posts of stacks of 20 and 100 and 200 and sometimes 5. In 50 pages of herbs, TWO posts in stacks of 1. It was someone posting five stacks of one and thirteen stacks of one. It's just not true that the changes will encourage more stacks of 1. The change has been very positive and AH lag is at an all-time BFA low. US -Tichondrius

  4. Step 1.) Be a Druid.
    Step 2.) Be Alliance.
    Step 3.) Turn on War Mode.
    Step 4.) Go to Gol Osigr (South of Arom's Stand).
    Step 5.) Run around this small mountain. You're only looking for Anchor Weed, but you're gonna want to clear any Winter's Kiss spawns. If you have mining, that's extra value and all you have to do is hit every node you see.

    Horde will be permanently put in combat by the mobs here. You wanna be Alliance so that doesn't happen, and you want War Mode on because Alliance are pussies and don't turn it on… So you're eliminating 75% of your competition.

    50k/hr, mostly off of ANCHOR WEED not Winter's Kiss (You'll get 50-75 Anchor Weed/hr, then about 800-1000 Winter's Kiss, as well as 100-200 of each ore).

    As a Druid, I use Balance Spec (Typhoon, Force of Nature, and Renewal are all MANDATORY talents imo) – Guardian Spec is great, but these make it so you can cheese all the mobs and mine in combat, so it's pretty nice. Sometimes you do have to stop and kill all the mobs to get out of combat if you're going to mine stuff. It's a very mob-dense area.


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  5. Every damn time I watch one of your videos I get psyched… until I see that w/e server you are selling on is about 2x higher price for everything as mine.
    Current Prices on my server as of Sept 8th 6:45pm CST 30g Storm Silver Ore, 33g Monelite Ore, 34g Platinum Ore, 20g Winter's Kiss, 27g Siren's Pollen, 22g Riverbud, 19g Star Moss, 420g Anchor Weed. Your whole haul is "worth" 35207g on my AH at current prices. 35k an hour isn't too bad, but you have to take into account that posting mats costs an arm and a leg, and you will get undercut within the hour so you are losing at LEAST 5k of that posting on the AH.

  6. This area is complete bullshit. Theres LOADS of yetis, wolves, world quest mobs. It's impossible to farm without constantly getting into combat.

  7. Yo real talk coming from a wild charge lover since legion. Go into the great seal in the horde capital and see how many 360s you can do before landing you the jump between the ledges. The ledges have Baine and Zuldazer emmissary turn ins on them respectively. The most fun wild charging ever.

  8. Can you do an updated tsm setup. After the update things are slightly different with the interface and I'm having trouble getting it running properly. Please help

  9. For my server winter kiss is 30g each so if i farm 300 per hour i will get 9k gold + you will get around 20-30 anchor weed per hour you also get between 12k-18k gold + you will get ores if you have also mining. So you will never get 64k gold per hour.

  10. Hands down, best guide ever.. Though the prices are low now, its still helps with the gathering peoples. Thanks for the video!


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