?8.1.5 FASTEST Way to Level to 120 + Tips to Max Experience [BFA]


How do you level from 110-120 in one sitting without getting a blood clot? How do you get around +80% XP gain? How do you avoid questing and farm XP ezpz…. This guide will show you the FASTEST way to level now in 8.1.5, and how to get the maximum xp boosts. *Comment below with any tips!!

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  1. Currently on a druid, level 118, I used heirlooms until 110. That's kinda my limited level with the gear. I have 2 levels to go with this toon so it's probably not worth it to scale that gear. Would it be worth the tradeoff between the xp and Arerite traits? I'm going to be leveling a priest after my druid.

  2. I did all this went time walking half a level in one dungen and gear that scales I have got actually ok gear went arena skirmish as prot fucking funny I had 100k hp they had like 45k haha xD

  3. Forgot about the 5% xp ring the 1 from the Garrison's follower missions or the other 1 from wining the stranglethorn Vale fishing tournament o and if u have both you can wear both 1 from the garrisons follower mission and 1 from the fishing tournament

  4. Huge rant because of ban from stacking a few xp potions, proceed at your own risk

    Or stack 3 potions because of that bug, level from lvl 40 to lvl 52 in an hour due to Azeroth Auto Pilot addon. Then get banned for 3 days because blizzard thinks me leveling my way effects other players. I’m glad they give my main heroic raiding gear without having to do raids or M+, but if I level from 40-52 that’s a crime worthy of a ban.

    In the end it was worth it. I had fun. More fun in a long time and I was looking forward to actually farming potions and playing the game more. But nope. 12 years of playing and I get banned for that.

    Hell I bought gold back when it was illegal, I did wall jumping glitches in pvp to get unfair advantages, and countless other stuff that actually effected other players and I never was banned. So for me, yea it’s a bit odd they banned me for this.

    A 3 day ban is over kill. Going from 40-52 normally takes 2ish hours. So I cut off one whole hour and get 72 hour ban.

    However it finally helped me quit. Plus Apex is more fun, octane is insanely broken.


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