8.1.5 SHADOW Priest GUIDE for Mythic+ and WoW Raids


8.1.5 Shadow Priest Guide for Mythic+ and WoW Raids is up! Since 8.1 came out we covered initially this spec prior to the raids coming out and now, after all the changes and updated info we have a full shadow priest guide where you’ll be taken through stats, gear, trinkets, the 8.1.5 shadow priest rotation and of course the 8.1.5 shadow priest talents. The spec is awesome and delivers high damage in both single target and aoe. 8.1.5 Shadow priest mythic+ runs are among the best we’ve ran and the new crucible raid is also seeing lots of them on the top of the meters. All and all, you will get a kick out of shadow priest 8.1.5 and stick to MarcelianOnline for all those bfa wow class guides 🙂


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  1. I currently struggle (in multi target scenarios) to keep track of my DOTs. And also, with just my standard mouse and no 14 extra-buttons, I feel it is very difficult to get a good keymap of all important spells. What do you recommend, UI-wise, that lets me handle this better? Are there any good examples out there?

  2. thanks for the guide! do you think body and soul is better than misery? and what do you think of death throes and spiteful aspiration as priority azrite trait? or is that more for pvp? also do you think shadow word void is better than instant mind blasts? I can't decide which does more dmg :/ thanks again .

  3. I've read that when you have 20% or more crit then you have to use auspicious spirits and lingering insanity. Is that right? I didn't know shadow priority is crit now but I will reform that. I have good dps now but I realised if I prefer the crit now it could be much much better. Thanks for your tips.

  4. This is one of the few that I haven't been able to get into for very long
    giving it another shot after watching this video,. And yes I 100% agree on the pain i* t** a** it is to keep incandescent up especially in dungeons. I wanna swap it with conch but apparently or obviously incandescent sims better so I'm not sure. Also finding it beneficial to not necessarily be at ranged but more midrange so your spirits can get to the target faster which makes it even harder to keep incandescent up

  5. I like shadow crash in mythic plus when a pack is pulled u drop that dark void and ur pretty much ready to burst void form, and from what I understand though ur suppose to keep crit and haste almost equal. Great video 👍🏻


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