8.1 LEVELING Guide: ESSENTIAL 1-120 BFA Leveling Tips (Patch 8.1.5 BFA)


It’s the 8.1 Leveling information with important 1-120 bfa leveling suggestions! As patch 8.1.5 BFA introduced us some new 1-120 heirlooms it is just pure for a model new battle for azeroth 1-120 leveling information. If you need to begin recent or simply go for some bfa alt leveling, we cowl a lot of environment friendly methods for bfa leveling. We imagine this can be a full world of warcraft leveling information overlaying supreme zones to begins, environment friendly quests to comply with, consumables to make use of, wow leveling addons and all of it rounds up in a easy bfa leveling information. MarcelianOnline is your house of alternative for all that 1-120 leveling 🙂


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  1. I found this to be one of the weaker guides. The tips are very underwhelming, and a lot of the advice not good enough. For Warlords, literally just grab pots, go pick up all treasures and do few bonus objectives. Do nothing else for WoD until like 102. 0 effort.

  2. If you have an Elixir of the Rapid Mind, keep it until you have to level through WoD

    1. Level to 91-92 as normal
    2. Go do all Gorgrond bonus objectives (DO NOT COMPLETE THEM, STAY 1 MOB FROM FINISHING THEM)
    3. Do all Gorgrond elites (DO NOT TURN THEM IN) (the elites might be a bit hard but they're doable on most classes)
    4. Queue for a dungeon, and pop Rapid Mind before the last boss dies
    5. Run like fuck finishing all objectives and turn the elite quests in
    6. You should have a few minutes to spare, so you can do Spires of Arakk objectives too
    7. You should be at least 99

  3. Tysm, I have two allied races toon in Draenor when I found your video. The Azeroth leveling addon is a Godsend! I should breeze through the rest of the leveling in no time. A real time saver for alts and allied races! TC

  4. i wouldn't say these races are better at professions, most of them just give you 10 starting points in professions. that's easy to get, tho taurens are good at herbalism as they pick herbs faster.

  5. You got 120 ? Oke now grind a shit out for azerite power on all your alts, so thay got any use in game exept killing old content. I was about to come back into game after couple months, then i trough i could play alt, then i remember azerite power. No tnx blizzard when you stop forceing me to play your game i will play it.

  6. Its 8.1.5 how the fk does anyone need a lvling guide. Its beyond fast lvling and the most simplex game on the fkn market. Move from area to area

    Why the fk did this vidnpop up on my newsfeed.


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