8.2 Gold Making Reset? Profession Reboot


8.2 is on the PTR and so Gumdrops took some time out on behalf of Wowhead (https://www.method.gg/wowhead) to have a look at professions in 8.2 and what we can expect.
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  1. I just want professions to be viable again. I would log in just to do professions if there was a purpose. Why can't Blizzard get this right? I am dumbfounded that they cannot correct the failure that professions have become.

  2. I am exhausted chasing the profession train. If there was a bit of fun in it I would still pursue it even if the Gold wasn't there. There is no use beyond utility stuff like pots, gems and the enchants that you consume in the Gear chasing part of the game. And that as you said are taken over by the Mass Gold sellers and the few big traders. One example: I loved having quirky stun grenades that had some limited use in Legion dungeons and even PvP. Engineering is completely pointless beyond making the occasional repair items available to raid/party and to guild.

  3. Overall i feel that gear from professions is irelevant (similar to the gear from reputation). By the time I was able to get it, i already had better from dungeon/raid content. I understand that when crafted gear would be of higher ilvl, certain profesions would become "must-have" thus making players feel like they have to go for certain profesion when they have certain class/spec…… but what is there left for blacksmiths, tailors and leather workers to do….. I was thinking giving them cosmetic items to craft? transmog sets, some hidden between rare pattern drops or story quests…. they could strife towards them and sell resaults of their labour to transmog hungry customers on AH…. content much like transmogs from expeditions, only with some actual substance instead of plain RNG

  4. your video gave me enough warning to sell my wares and profit on my hardwork(time) put into gathering and making the items, I'm not bothered by the change over due to this, I actually appreciate the heads up

  5. I am sad that Darkmoon Cards are not kept relevant via upgrades or something. I made quite a fortune out of them but i guess next time i can make tons of Gold with them will be in the next Xpac.

  6. i dont mind it that much. as long as i can spend time with my professions and feel that i gain an edge over someone who doesnt do it, im satisfied.

  7. Specializations, upgrade tokens, questlines. So many good ideas from prior expansions that were abandoned to save money.
    Honestly, just call it 'World of War' at this point. It's far more accurate.

  8. So professions used to be the main reason I kept playing this game. I come from vanilla where you made a new character so you could have that profession, that led to me having one of every profession maxed out. This continued all the way through WoD. Mists was great when they introduced the Tillers farm for mats for professions. Then WoD broke professions entirely, by giving everyone access in some fashion to all professions without the grind. I didn't mind this from a gameplay perspective but it destroyed making gold with professions, and it really never recovered. Sure there are still a few items that you can make and sell, but it's not enough to keep me interested. In Legion I had about half my characters that dabbled in professions but I haven't even touched any of them in BfA and don't intend to. I am trying to play the game using gold and by leveling professions you end up either farming mats for hours or spending hundreds of thousands of gold in the AH to level. Better to just play the game and ignore the professions entirely. As for making gold, I have decided to sell my entire pet collection, I don't pet battle anymore and don't intend to go back to it.

  9. This is just another gold synch just like (Mighty Caravan Brutosaur) or (Marsh Hopper). Blizzard definitely wants gold out of the economy/game. we should start speculating why they are doing it. What so ever reason it is they are losing players on a daily base.
    The economy has changed a lot since BFA release and there is no stability what to invest in. Gold can still be made but it is so time-consuming then the most ppl have just one question in their mind, "is it really worth it?".
    Making gold in wow has become a serious effort and a lot of us do not have the time for it.
    I can't wait the moment when elite guilds who sell runs for gold, SPAMMING in trade chat won't be able to sell anything anymore cause the normal consumer won't exist anymore.
    See the bright side of it, after login out of wow choosing not to subscribe anymore you will go to a free game like Diablo III cause we "have phones!"

  10. Well in Legion i used to earn 1 mln gold per mounth without any farming just 1/2h per day on ah but now ugh i quited about 6 mounths ago sadly after short hype i rly hope they will repair all profs or there's no chance players like me gonna return for now im giving small loan of trust into blizz

  11. Professions never seemed like a good way to make money. It was always a better deal for me (for example) to sell herbs on the AH and buy potions instead of making them myself. If you can (I'll just make up some numbers) sell the herbs used in a potion for 10g and then buy the completed potion for 8g then making potions doesn't make sense. Let other players flood the market with crafted items they made only to skill up. I'm just doing gathering professions from now on.

  12. Let’s focus on another minor part of the game instead of fixing the overwhelmingly obvious problems that have been staring at us for the past year

  13. All i want its to sell my craft (like the epic craft), i recently change my blacksmith / miner, for the classic Mining / Herbalism, and on other alts Clothing for bags and Enchanting, even Alchemy is shit, i made more gold by just selling herbs.


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