8.3 Release Date is Official and Account Wide Essences but Not Really – Almost Saturday Vlog


8.3 release date is officially confirmed for January 14th (NA) and January 15th (EU)! Also discussing WoW news of the week like the PTR build with account wide Rank 4 Lucid Dreams Azerite Essence and answering questions. If you have any questions that you’d like answered on a vlog, include the word ‘question’ and leave them as comments!

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  1. As someone that constantly dips in and out of wow the one thing that pisses me off the most is that so much of the game is locked behind rep grinds. I really dont mind doing it once but I refuse to do it on another character. When I can't play my alts up to raid level (tryhards thinking we all have to try to be Method level ruined that for me) I leave. My main with half ass shitty essences can pull 30K dps, my alt w/o them can only do 11k. They need to be syncd. Period.

  2. Well for Winter Veil, I love the sleigh and reindeer in Ironforge and Orgrimar. That's a lot of fun. Merry Christmas, Hazel!

  3. New to the channel but like how you keep things simple and you seem very friendly and care for the wow community also wanted to ask what is your favorite wow theme song?

  4. Dear Hazel,
    Thank you so much for posting video's. You're a massive inspiration to me and the tip about the Ripple Delete was a massive help!
    Happy holidays 💜!

  5. Ive literally been editing for years and have not once thought to make a keybind for ripple delete, thank you you're a god send

  6. I’m almost done with my alts lol I’ve been playing with seriously bad players to improve my gameplay really helps my gameplay 😂

  7. I love the fact that you brought so much thought in answering the question " which alt would you be"! You have a wonderful imagination! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Hazel!

  8. Come on blizz just make all essences all account bound so we can play our alts without the stupid huge grind for essences to viable in high m+

  9. They need to make the DPS Essence account bound. Especially the PVP essences. Trying to acquire conflict and strife and the other 2 pvp essences are annoying. Especially when PvP islands are non existent.

  10. On my main character that I'm playing I just have two essences, I do not read really or PVP and I haven't gone to buy the other one's even though I have the required reputation

  11. Merry Christmas Hazel. I would like to thank you for all of your hard work putting out these guilds. You go t me through and enjoying pet battles, so thank you so much for that. Looking forward to the next raid. Regards Trase


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