9.2.5 Gold Making Just Got Easier – Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 230

9.2.5 Gold Making Just Got Easier - Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 230

WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up
Hello! Welcome to the 230th edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up!

Now that 9.2.5 has released with it’s delight of surprises and cinematics, we take a look at all the changes in 9.2.5 that affects different gold making methods and explore different niches and potential opporunities. We also check out some gold making routines and addons to help with quality of life and professions.

My name is Samadan and I’ll be your guide through the World of Gold Making!

9.2.5 Gold Making

Last week, we discussed how 9.2.5 brings increased ease to level up legendaries and cross faction mail allows us to more effectively fill up our roster of gold makers making best use of racial abilities.

This is good for a lot of random vendor items that are only sold to one faction and are either collectables or necessary for achievements and end up overpriced on the AH. Well, good if you want to buy it and just mail it to yourself, not good if you made money selling Kul Tiran beers.

I myself had sitting on a Horde character that I could then add into my pool of mainly Alliance gold makers.

Faction rep discounts are no more, everyone will just make goblins

Manthieus has a video going through the legendary changes, cross faction mail and some interesting bugs like not being able to craft above Rank 1 Shadowghast Waistguards (although this appears to have been fixed now).

We also have the limited time sale of select services including character transfers which opens up opportunities of making gold on other servers. Now is the perfect time to diversify!

Or perhaps you want to go on holiday to another server

Another potential niche coming out of 9.2.5 and faction changes is explored by Kaychack here talking about the Alliance only Bee Mount

9.2.5 Mission Tables are Easier Than Ever

We have covered mission tables plenty of times a source of gold making. Zanzarful has many videos on the subject. With 9.2.5 and the renown increases, it’s easier than ever to get them set up on a fresh level 50. u/Pugnatwo goes through the process step by step

Being able to instantly boost any covenant to 60 for a mear 2k gold investment (plus you get 4k free anima from doing this too, great seed anima!), play your cards right you can 7 (or 8 if you play our cards right) wisps of memory without doing any extra work, allowing you to 100% hit 60 without any external anima, PLUS being able to boost another champion to the mid 40’s, you can start printing gold ASAP.

Step 1: Take your Level 50 character, Buy all 4 Covenant BOA boosts.

Steps 2 and 3: I start off being kyrian, boost renown to 60. Then I switch to venthyr, Boost to 60. Then Necrolord, Boost to 60. actually start the leveling process via Quest/Bonus objective through threads of fate till 67 renown. Back to oribos, switch over to Night Fae and finish leveling as NF from here on out.

For leveling, level via threads of fate. Hit each zone for all bonus objectives and make sure to complete each zones quest and, if possible, each dungeon quests and wait to turn them in. If you turn in each dungeon and zone quest starting at 58.5, turn in each dungeon quest first then each zone after all those were turned in you will 60.

Step 4: Since each bonus objective gives 1 Renown, you are 100% guaranteed to be 73 when you hit 60. If you did it correctly and did the 4 Zone turn ins, you will hit 76 no problem with NF.

Step 5: Research your Table with only 1 Champion (Niya) making sure to not have accepted any thorghast followers and the other 2 soul binds.

Step 6: Boost Niya to 60 using 6 wisps of memory. Using Remaining 1 or 2 On Dreamweaver. Now your minions are 60, Niya is 60, Dreamweaver is mid 40’s, and you can easily solo nearly every single mission via venture plan or TLDR.

Optional Step 7: Make your Character an Enchanter IF you have the slot. Check your realms value for Eternal crystals. Vendor anything that vendors over that value, DE anything that vendors under that value. (My server is about 100g)

Depending on how often you want to check the table, you can earn at least 2k raw gold a day by checking 2/3 times a day, plus whatever mats/augment runes/pet charms/Rep. You’ll hit 80 renown by doing a few calling/replenish the reservoir and that will net you an extra 1.6k gold a week. I usually get about 2k Gold/Day raw gold, 500-1kg in mats/Augment runes (these still sell very well) and then the 1.6k from Replenish each week.

Finally, if you find your running low on anima at any point, turn ON WM, grab the the quest “A new deal” from the PVP vendor, grab Patterns within Patterns from ZM and then fly around and complete the new deal quest weekly. It will give you at least 500 to 1k anima from the chests, you will likely encounter 0 pvp (I saw this even playing as ally) and if you want to hit up the WB. Turning in a new deal gives you one of 5 pvp trinkets. Once you have all 5 (toss these in your bank) you will get 3k honor per week. If you do the WB once ever second week (New deal is 35% of PwP and WB is 20%) thats another 1kg per week per toon, plus at least 4 to 500g in vendoring honor gear per week.

Add that all up:

  • 2.5k in raw gold/Mats per day (x30)
  • 1.6k per Week for Replenish (x4)
  • 1k Per week for PwP (x4)
  • 500g/Week for Vendoring Honor gear (x4)

Means your netting around 85kish Gold per toon per month with very little AH action required. 4 Tables takes me about 10 minutes per day 3 times a day (I do it before work, at lunch, after work sometimes and before bed), New Deal and WB take about 15 to 20 minutes per toon per week, so not alot of extra work at all.

Edit: edited steps to be clearer based on feedback.

This is a great way of leveraging multiple alts to give a steady baseline in gold making.

Profession Addons to Make Life Easier

Expelliarm5s, creator of many useful gold making addons such as Rematch_TSMPetValues and WhatRepRecipes has created another simple yet brilliantly useful addon for remembering the collapse state of the WoWUI Profession windows.

This addon causes the trade skills window to remember the state of collapsed headers and the last selected recipe between multiple openings of that trade skills window.

It’s a simple quality of life improvement that is invaluable when jumping in and out of professions. Note: The window on the right is from All The Things which shows uncollected recipes, another useful addon, but use at your peril! It’s very addictive!!

Gold Making Routines

What does a day being a gold maker look like? Well, the answer is different per person because we all play the game differently. Penguin goes through her routine here in a video which goes through similar methods and practices that I myself and many other profession gold makers use…

Further Reading

Most of this information was discussed and originally posted on the /r/woweconomy subreddit or in the accompanying Discord Server.

I hope you found this useful and If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do say so in the comments below..

Until next time, Happy Goldmaking!


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