A Noob's Guide To 1,000,000 Gold In WoW


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In this video i will show you
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  1. With Transmog farming, whats the best way to determine what to farm? Do I just faceroll an old dungeon and AH every green/blue I find or are there sought after items I should aim to obtain?

    I have the TSM addon so I can hover the item and see what the AH market value is but is it worth it to just pick up everything and hope it sells.

  2. know what doesn't rely on a server that's populated or not? Raw gold farming. Who has to wait possibly longer or needing to re put items on the AH to sell? Not raw gold farmers.

  3. They nerfed raids HARD in one of the more recent patches. I used to do Firelands and Mogushan Vaults as well as some others on all three of my alts for an easy 10k gold or so per week. Nope. Not anymore. Unless you're willing to bother with auctioning the BOEs and disenchanting the rest to auction the dust it's not even worth doing. I seriously got more gold by just doing LFR runs x_x

  4. Very good information. Only caveat would be if you had an outline to keep yourself a little less repetitive. 27 minutes is too long for many viewers, and you're missing out on likes if your vid was maybe 15 minutes long.

  5. old raids in pandaria and warlords of draenor is pretty good to, for both transmogs and gold. i make about 2-5k each run depending in the scale of the raid. And once in a while you get random epic gear that you can sell. Its not alot of gold but if you do it every week it adds up.

  6. a side note on your albino cavefish farm if you do it with a mage you have the chance to fish up>> tome of polymorph:turtle it will only drop for mages and is BoE last one i got i sold for 125k


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