A unique layer per Realm + Phase 2

A unique layer per Realm + Phase 2

Blizzard has recently announced the official dates and times for the end of the layers + the launch of phase 2 with the honor system and PvP.

Tuesday, November 12 at 3:00 am CET – One layer per Realm

The end of Layering means that every players will be on the same layer, one global population. This will involve some changes:

  • Increased prices for ores, items, etc … because they will be 2-3 times less numerous and harder to farm with all players on the same layer.
  • PvP: No more hiding into layers, combat awaits behind each hills.
  • The end of some Gold Farming areas that will now be ultra populated.
  • But also good things, such as a real Classic experience like we were waiting for with overcrowded capitals, filled PvP zones, more Raids, etc …
  • A more balanced economy because the layers were fluctuating the items prices greatly from one day to another.

Thursday, November 14 at 20:00 CET – Honor System + World Bosses.

Prepare for ferocious PvP combats, the real battle will be launched on Thursday night and the clash between guilds for World First kills of the World Bosses (Kazzak + Azuregos) will be on.

Fantastic adventures await!



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