A World Of Warcraft Wedding is Expensive


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  1. Have you tried solo farming to $1,000,000? No rapid spawn groups just going around collecting the battle pets solo? I think people may understand more why groups work so well for many of the rapid spawn location.

  2. Right. I don't understand where you are getting all these sales. I purchased your guide 3 months ago. Followed it meticulously. 300k profit in 3 months. Plus, zero pets from crocolisk in the city with 5 alts. Your level of sales and all your lucky drops doesn't remotely come close to reality and are not representive to the everyday player.

  3. Heyy studen! Quick question i found the plan for the force reactive disk and i cant find any information on pricing of the shield on AH is it worth it making the shield and selling it?

  4. once again, GREAT video! you should do a "vendor challenge" buy vendor items, and repost them……i've made a killing reselling curing salt this expansion

  5. Take a shot and eat a taco every time Studen says "Battle Pets" – you'll be frunk and fat. HAHA. Good job Studen.

  6. Is it better to sell the battle pet caged or in its natural form before you learn/cage it? I noticed, uncaged they sell for more and idk why that is.

  7. Not sure if I've commented before, but I've been watching most of your videos for quite a few months now, and I really enjoy your content and how you present it. Keep it up! Cheers

  8. Hello studen been watching your stuff for a while now and I was wondering what is the macro you use to see your bag values

  9. hey big boy why dont you farm 2 more of those wedding bands and we can get married in game i-i mean only if you want to i dont want to unless….


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