Adventure Guide Coins – Mysterious Quest Chain With a Weekly Cooldown

Adventure Guide Coins - Mysterious Quest Chain With a Weekly Cooldown

First, a mysterious copper coin, and now a mysterious silver coin has appeared in our Adventure Guides, but what could it mean?

Since the Dragonflight pre-patch, if you scroll all the way to the end of your And you’ll find the following page:

“There appears to be a single copper coin tucked into your Adventure Guide.”

Picking up the coin (by pressing the button that says “Sweet, free money!”) starts the quest A Piece of Copper, which rewards the achievement Lucky Penny.

There’s a single piece of copper in your Adventure Guide. It’s not immediately clear who put it there.

It’s not worth much, but hey: free copper!

And now, if you already accepted the copper coin and check your journals after the Weekly Reset, A Piece of Silver is the next in the series.

There’s now a single piece of silver in your Adventure Guide. Last time it was a piece of copper. Who keeps putting money in here?

Oh well! It all spends the same!

In a group interview with Narrative Director Steve Danuser and Lead Quest Designer Maria Hamilton, Michael from DotEsports asked about this fun little addition to the Adventure Guide. Apparently it’s a hint, or tease, that should become clear for us in time!

Maria: We hope so, we hope that it becomes clear for you. You might have to wait a little while, it’s a bit of a tease, a bit of a hint, that’s really all I can say.

Steve: Never look a gift copper coin the mouth is what I always say.

We actually have an idea where this is going, and it definitely seems like a lot more is going on than just some misplaced money. According to a comment from Kayak… well, spoilers ahead.

A “Sweet, free money!” button prompt which appears on the last (scroll-able) page of the Suggested Content tab in the Adventure Guide (default hotkey Shift+J) pops up the quest A Piece of Copper that awards a single copper coin and this achievement.

It’s not immediately clear to me at the moment how the follow up achievement Curious Coin is acquired, if it’s even possible to do so as of the current beta build.

Appears to be part of a small chain of secrets/easter eggs. Will update this comment as more information becomes available.

Edit Nov. 16th 2022: Subsequent quests in the chain appear to be on a weekly lockout. Current progression is Copper -> Silver -> Gold -> Bag of Coins (30g) -> ?

Edit Nov. 22nd 2022: The 5th week prompts the quest “A Curious Coin” with the text: A single, strange coin sits in your bag, along with a small note: “Thank you for the opportunity to observe you. The information I’ve gathered has been illuminating, to say the least. This will be my final gift… for now.”

The reward is a Shadowscrawled Coin worth 100g and the Curious Coin achievement. It very much seems that we’ll have a follow up of some sort to this sooner than later as Dragonflight progresses. In the meantime, I’m sure lore enthusiasts can speculate on who the mysterious benefactor might be. New character, perhaps?

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