All-Balance Druid Team Successfully Completes High-End Mythic+ Dungeons

All-Balance Druid Team Successfully Completes High-End Mythic+ Dungeons

Astramoon, one of the Druids streaming their keys, shared some insights from their runs and is eager to get out and try to set new records with their all-Boomkin group.

So, we did some high-ish keys (15s-18s) with a group of… 5 BALANCE DRUIDS. No tanks or healers, just 5 boomies flapping around casting starfall and lasering down bosses! We did a couple of keys last reset (we timed 15 Spires and 15 Sanguine Depths), unfortunately there was an issue with the recordings, but we two chested 16 Halls and depleted an attempt at 18 Halls – considering this week is probably one of the hardest key weeks out there, we thought that was pretty cool! We will probably be pushing more keys this and the next few resets, with the goal of completing an 18 or higher on time.

2 Chest +16 Halls of Atonement and 2 Chest +15 Necrotic Wake

You can also see an overview of their route here.

There are two major problems that we considered when going into these balance druid dungeons. The first problem is centered around the fact that bosses can easily kill us without a tank and a healer. We managed to overcome most of these difficulties with the great single target damage that balance druids bring, as well as with our affinities and Heart of the Wild talent which offer us a way to assume a different off-spec role for a certain time period. We decided to go with three healing boomies and two tank boomies, using these talents to allow us to tank certain bosses which couldn’t be kited or burst down, as well as add some healing to deal with the unavoidable damage like the AoE from Pride mobs.

The second problem revolves around the trash in the dungeons. With no tank managing adds and holding aggro, one would think that it would be impossible, but the kit of balance druids offers great utility and mob control. For instance, we managed to handle most packs by gathering them up with Ursol’s Vortex and Typhoon, and then rotating Force of Nature treants every 10 seconds while killing packs with uncapped aoe from max range. Grouping the adds also allowed us to negate any casters while rotating Solar Beam. The whole party having access to stealth without any cooldown also allowed us to pick and choose packs easier. Finally, this strat completely negated certain affixes like Necrotic, which is normally a very frustrating and difficult affix for tanks and healers alike.

Not all of their dungeons ended in success, but several funny clips came out of a depleted +17 Mists of Tirna Scithe, along with some great antics involving confused Treants!

For more Balance Druid antics, make sure to follow Astramoons and Heartlife on twitch!

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