Alterac Valley – Honor PvP Guide – Classic WoW

Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Classic

1. Key objectives of Alterac Valley in Classic WoW

Key objectives of Alterac Valley in Classic WoW

Key objectives
of Alterac Valley in Classic WoW

The main objective is obvious:
silencing the enemy faction’s general : Vanndar Stormpike or Drek’Thar. It
is possible to succeed in that mission without doing any secondary objective,
but it would be very risky and difficult. The
BG immediately ends when a General’s Health drops to 0

Generals are tough bosses and can only be killed
by a large raid group. With their massive Health bar, you will need all the DPS
you can get, as well as good tanks and
healers to support them.
Don’t forget that this is a PvPvE BG : Enemy
players will relentlessly come to slow you down.

Note : Generals need their comfort.
Don’t bother trying to bait them out of their fort! If they ever leave it
they’ll immediately run back to their starting point and go back to full
Health. Killing the enemy General immediately ends the match and gives a honor bonus based on how many
objectives your faction controls

Objective n°2 : Get these graveyards !

There is a total of 7 graveyards in
Alterac Valley. They can all be captured in order to keep the pressure and are
a vital strategic objective for both
. They allow you to both allow your allies to quickly redeploy after
a failed assault and also slow down the enemy’s advance.

Guide la vallée d'Alterac Wow Classic

Usually, graveyards are conquered by
Rogues and Druids because of their ability to move stealthily.

Objective n°3 : Destroy enemy towers and bunkers

Alterac Valley you will find Towers and Bunkers owned by either the Horde or
the Alliance. Killing every NPC inside and taking control of the building will significantly weaken the enemy general’s
, making victory much easier. These buildings are a major objective
in the BG and it’s commonplace to deploy groups of players to defend them.

Objective n°4 : Kill high-rank enemies

make assassinating the enemy General easier, players can satisfy their
bloodlust by murdering high ranking NPCs from the enemy faction:


Lieutenants patrol the roads and
around their faction’s graveyards. Like Captains, they give a temporary buff to
allied warriors. These Elite NPCs are relatively weak and can be killed by a
good player or a small group. Killing Lieutenants grants a honor bonus and
prevents a few enemy troups from respawning.

Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Classic


Commanders are usually found in bunkers and towers, although you can sometimes
find the mat their faction’s graveyards. As all high-rank troops, they can buff
allied players around them. More powerful than Lieutenants, they’re still
fairly easily to kill with a small group. Killing commanders grants a honor
bonus and prevents some enemy troups from respawning.

Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Classic

Captain Galvangar (Horde) and Captain Baldina Stonehearth (Alliance)

NPCs are staying warm in Iceblood
Garrison and Stonehearth Outpost
. Captains are an important part of a
strategic assault: they regularly buff all the faction’s players by increasing
their Health by 20%. Killing them grants Honor for your weekly ranking and
prevents some enemy troops from respawning.

Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Classic

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