Alternative Gold Making Methods for WoW Classic


Wanna be rich but hate farming? Try these proven methods and be the best. Prepare yourself for WoW Classic. No one can wait. Please blizzard give us a beta. Classic winds. Leave a like if ya liked it. Let me know in the comments how you plan to earn gold in Classic WoW. Will you use any of these methods?


  1. everyone always forgets tehr eis a ton of lvl 58-60 quests in the world that no one ever does once they get 60. the quest rewards are so so , but vendor prices can be deciently high and you get some of that grinding while you are out there

  2. Going to farm ores and herbs and doing low lvl dungeon runs to level enchanting then store the ores and herbs until I have a use for them then ill use the cloth i get from the druns into first aid bandages until i have 5 stacks in the AH the rest is used for tailoring and thats stored until later use then ill have my main with alchemy and engineering and craft what i need excess is selled on AH i did like 100 G in vanilla with this a day with lucky sales

  3. Back when I played vanilla, I was a pretty under geared warrior so I didn't have a lot of options cause I hated tanking and raiding. And fury was my fave spec… Which is very gear dependent. But I loved farming scarlet monastery. The silk was great for selling because engineers uses it for iron grenades, which was a staple of PvP. It wasn't glamorous, but I loved feeling not shitty while I did those grinds haha

  4. I've always enjoyed mining. While I'm out and about in the world it's just a little side thing to go along the mountain sides collecting ore and selling the mats once i get back to a city.

  5. Looking back, I remember parking my PvP character in Dire Maul when I wasn't planning to use him for a while. Basically I'd pop on from time to time to check if the arena boss was up. Easy enough to solo, and if anyone tried to steal the kill, or people were already fighting it, my guy in PvP purples could usually steamroll them, even entire groups if they pulled the boss first.

    Not the most efficient method, but it was a lot of fun, and the occasional Orb of Deception drop did sell for a pretty penny.

  6. I always went for the stock broker option of looking for common items at the ah to see if someone had put up one for under the market value, then you buy them and put them up yourself. If you start with cheap items like line cloth and work your way upwards it usually didn't take long until you could buy up every copy of a certain regent, then you could hike up the prices as much as you wanted since you controlled the supply.

  7. If you want to gather some information without using outside sources. Check the ah for oddly priced items. These will usually be food items, cooked and uncooked. Just look at everything of a certain type for things that are a little to expensive. Grinding mats usually sell for somewhere around vendor +50%, items needed for quests frequently sell for vendor *10. This sounds vague but when you are looking at the AH it will pop out.

    People recommend taking skinning and vendoring the leather. This is fine, but the vendor price will never change and it's always going to be the lowest price. There is no rush to sell it to a vendor. Keep an eye on the ah and trade channels, eventually people will start power leveling leather working, your early leather might be worth a lot more. If not you can always vendor it when you need the cash.

    Early ore always sells well. At least enough to justify keeping it around. If your saving up for your pre 40 mount, it can be pretty good way to earn some cash if you have mining.

    If at all possible, never process mats for sale. People will get skill ups for smelting ore, so they will be more interesting in buying it over bars. This might even be true on your sever for leather scraps.

    Stacks plus single items. Occasionally people need something for a quest, frost oil as said in the video, you can charge a premium if you sell it in the amount needed for the quest. If somebody puts a stack of 10 frost oil up for 20 gold, you can put frost oil for 3 gold each and people will be happy to pay.

    Bank alts, enchanting and you. Enchanting 1 at level 5 will let you disenchant all BOE gear in the game. Selling gear on the AH has the risk of losing your deposit, so many people recommend selling BOE greens to a vendor. It's quick and easy, but you can do better. Green items in vanilla can be very powerful, they get random stats that can actually make them competitive for best in slot occasionally pre raid and pre dungeon. Before that, you can just get some really good ones with the bad.

    First get a feel, or use a mod, to find out what everything disenchants to. Compare your expected disenchant mats sale value to vendor price. Disenchant mats don't have an AH surcharge so there's no penalty for them not selling, but sometimes the vendor is better. Sometimes though you will get an item that is just perfect for a class, you find a shield with a ton of strength and stamina on it, or leather with just agility, your probably going to be able to sell those for far more then you could either other way.

  8. I will be farming Scarlet Cathedral nonstop. It is one of the easiest dungeons to run and clear fast. Lots of players will need it and I can sell the runs for profit. The amount of epics that is on the loot table for Cathedral is higher than most other dungeons. Silk cloth is also extremely profitable.

  9. hey guys share your gold making secrets below. My favourite is to have a couple characters logged in where a large thorium vain spawns in western plaguelands in the hearthglen cave. You just login on your alt every now and then to mine the vain. Not a full time method but something you do every now and then that is very efficient

  10. 1:25 Erm. The engineering vendor 50 yards away from the quest NPC sells 3 bronze tubes on a 30 minute respawn… At least that was the case in classic. Dunno what those weird abusive private server b-tches changed about that.

  11. I used to just farm herbs for hours on end while talking with friends and enjoying the occasional WPvP, and doing a daily arcanite bar xmute. I was never stacked with cash, but I was more of a casual player (Aka I had: "Video games will rot your brain!" boomer parents)

  12. I sold gear that i crafted both in ah and to vendors. Sure i maybe didn't make the big bucks but i got a lot of gold for it. Not to mention if you are blacksmith can't you sell keys to unlock chest to people as well? I only play a little of vanilla and bc and i only got my real account in the middle of wotlk expansion.

    Edit: I would also like to inform you that i like your videos.

  13. A group of friends and I did mc attunement sales. Three of us at the quest objective, me a warlock full of soul shards, other two whoever.

    I would have one at the quest giver in the group as well to invite people to it and be paid before we invited them to group and summoned them.

    Also we had one person in the main city to advertise it. Basically 5 person team to sell a lot of mc attunments.

  14. With Dire Maul being released at launch it really makes gold making trivial for mages/warlocks/priests/hunters. It's far easier and quicker to spend a few hours dungeon farming and get hundreds of gold without depending on the economy of your server. Idk if this video should have alternative methods or claim to get rich in the description. More like small tips for minor side income. You won't be able to sustain yourself reliably using small tips without actually farming some type of mats

  15. At the peak of MC/Onyxia/BWL raiding in classic, mid-late 2005, I could buy the mats for the fire resist potions, make the potions and still sell them at a profit. I got the recipe on my first LBRS run.


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