Analysis of Shadowlands DPS in Mythic Sanctum of Domination – Week of January 25th

Analysis of Shadowlands DPS in Mythic Sanctum of Domination - Week of January 25th

Warcraft Logs’ Sanctum of Domination Statistics Page

Disclaimers and Source

The data for this article was taken from the Sanctum of Domination Statistics Page on Warcraft Logs under the Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5 partition for Mythic difficulty in the week of January 25th. We will be looking at data for the 95th percentile, plus showing the overall results to paint a better picture.

The idea of this article is to give a perspective of the state of class balance for Sanctum of Domination in Shadowlands Season 2, looking at the data of the most recent week in the raid.

We say perspective, as there are inherent biases in looking at the data this way.

  • Specs that are considered underpowered are generally played less and tend to appear weaker than they actually are.
  • This happens as many performance-oriented players will tend to play the strongest spec or class, increasing even further the gap between top and bottom specs.
  • Position of specs for the 95th percentile might be skewed by alternative strategies and parse funneling. For that, we’re including the chart showing the result for all percentiles to paint a better picture for all specs.

DPS Rankings in Shadowlands Season 2 – Mythic Sanctum of Domination Week of January 25th

95th Percentile Statistics

Overall Statistics

Position Spec and Class Population Size
1 Assassination Rogue 6433
2 Balance Druid 17616
3 Fury Warrior 5666
4 Subtlety Rogue 6345
5 Outlaw Rogue 1576
6 Windwalker Monk 6342
7 Havoc Demon Hunter 15481
8 Arms Warrior 12357
9 Fire Mage 8868
10 Retribution Paladin 5020
11 Arcane Mage 2476
12 Frost Mage 10324
13 Elemental Shaman 4065
14 Survival Hunter 1098
15 Demonology Warlock 9112
16 Feral Druid 2578
17 Frost Death Knight 2313
18 Affliction Warlock 1723
19 Shadow Priest 10198
20 Marksmanship Hunter 6376
21 Unholy Death Knight 5975
22 Beast Mastery Hunter 17562
23 Destruction Warlock 5999
24 Enhancement Shaman 5814

For more information on specs in the Shadowlands Season 2, check out our Sanctum of Domination Class Guides!

Blood DKFrost DKUnholy DK

Havoc DHVengeance DH

Balance DruidFeral DruidGuardian DruidRestoration Druid

Beast Mastery HunterMarksmanship HunterSurvival Hunter

Arcane MageFire MageFrost Mage

Brewmaster MonkMistweaver MonkWindwalker Monk

Holy PaladinProtection PaladinRetribution Paladin

Discipline PriestHoly PriestShadow Priest

Assassination RogueOutlaw RogueSubtlety Rogue

Elemental ShamanEnhancement ShamanRestoration Shaman

Affliction WarlockDemonology WarlockDestruction Warlock

Arms WarriorFury WarriorProtection Warrior

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