Anduin and Sylvanas Datamined Dialogue in Patch 9.2.5 (Spoilers)

Anduin and Sylvanas Datamined Dialogue in Patch 9.2.5 (Spoilers)

SPOILERS!!! Possible Major Story Spoilers Ahead.

Update: With servers live, we’ve covered the actual cinematic in a new post.

In the epilogue of the Sylvanas novel, it’s strongly implied that Anduin joins Sylvanas after she is sentenced to the Maw in the Shadowlands finale.

The distinctive clank of metal armor.

Hope, Anduin had told her, is what you have when all other things have failed you. Where there is hope, you make room for healing, for all things that are possible… and some that are not.

Sylvanas Windrunner felt hope rise within her, and for the first time in so very long, she invited it in.

This datamined follow-up conversation appears to take place after they reunite, where Anduin is dressed more like a civilian, shedding some of his iconic gold armor. It was unclear from the novel’s ending if Anduin would join Sylvanas permanently to redeem souls, or temporarily to say goodbye, and this dialogue appears to clear some of that up.

Note that the following dialogue may appear differently in-game.

Why are you here, Anduin?
Your kingdom, and your friends, are awaiting your return.
My friends… the ones I almost killed… they believe my hands are clean.
But they don’t feel clean.
It is perilous to confuse what you are made to do with what you choose to do.
How can I not when it all blurs together?
It was so horrific… and exhilarating.
And it sickens me to think that satisfaction… may have been mine.
Ah. So that’s why you’ve come.
You fear you might not be who you thought you were.
I’m starting to wonder if I ever knew.
For the first time in my life…
I’m afraid if I call on the Light…
…it won’t answer.
If I’ve no trust in myself, how can I expect my kingdom to trust me?
To put their faith in me… when mine has faltered.
Must you bear that weight?
A king does not have a choice.
No choice?
I thought you believed in free will.
I need time to think.
About many things.
I have faced who I was, and accepted what I’ve done.
Now, the work begins.
Yes. It does.
Farewell, Sylvanas Windrunner.
Until our paths cross again.
Farewell… Little Lion.

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