Arena Points & Useful Tools for Burning Crusade Classic

Arena Points & Useful Tools for Burning Crusade Classic

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Weekly Point System

Arena points—the currency required to purchase Arena gear—are awarded during the weekly reset and are based on the team that earned the most points. To qualify for Arena points, your personal rating must be within 150 of the rating of your team, with at least 10 games played, and you must have participated in 30% of your team’s games the previous week.

To calculate what team rewards the most points, and at what rating, the Arena Points Calculator is a useful tool. At 1900 2s team will reward 694 Arena Points, a 1900 3s team rewards 804 Arena Points, and a 1900 5s will reward 914 Arena Points. To earn Points from an arena team:

  1. You need to have at least 10 games played for that week
  2. You must have played 30% of the total games played on that team for that week
  3. You must be within 150 rating of the team

Arena Points Calculator

End of Season Rewards

At the end of each Arena season, eligible players get rewards based on their rating. Season 1 features a unique title—the “Infernal Gladiator”— and players who reach the top of the bracket in their region will receive seasonal rewards as follows:

  • Infernal Gladiator (Top 0.1%)
  • Gladiator (Top 0.5%)
  • Duelist (Top 0.5% – 3%)
  • Rival (Top 3% – 10%)
  • Challenger (Top 10% – 35%)

In addition, recipients of the Infernal Gladiator and Gladiator titles will also receive a Swift Nether Drake mount—an extremely fast flying mount only available during Season 1.To qualify for a seasonal reward, your personal arena rating needs to be within 100 points of your team’s rating, and you must have participated in 20% of your team’s games.Players will need to win at least 50 games to qualify for a seasonal reward. Once a season has ended and a new one begins, the previous season’s Arena gear can be purchased without the requirement of a specific rating.The Arenas await you. It’s time to earn your place among legends, champion.

When the season ends, rewards are based on the top percentage of players in a specific region. To check for current rating cut offs, the TBC Glad Cut Offs website is very useful. This website will show what the current “cut offs” are for specific rewards for each bracket. To see what teams are on top, the Ironforge.Pro Arena Ladder is useful, displaying the various teams and compositions for the top of the Arena Ladder. To qualify for end of season rewards:

  1. You need to have at least 50 games played for the season
  2. You must have played 20% of the total games played on that team for the season
  3. You must be within 100 rating of the team

TBC Glad Cut Offs Ironforge.Pro Arena Ladder

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