Asmongold Designs New Classes For The Next WoW Expansion /w Twitch Chat


Asmongold thinks about what new classes could be implemented in the next World of Warcraft expansion with the help of Twitch chat and Mccool…

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  1. Literally all ideas they said are basically talent specs that are or have been inside the game at one point. Class creation is hard as fuck if you have hard fantasy boundaries and don't want to destroy worldbuilding fundamentals

  2. warlocks infusing themselves with the blood of a demon to improve certain things, blood of an imp making them more op fire casters, voidwalker making them melee claw attackers etc.

  3. This is already a thing with Specs, wow imagine a druid that specializes in shapeshifting oh wait that's feral imagine a warrior that becomes a blade master and wield big two hand weapon oh waits that's arms. All he is saying is redesign all the classes completely, big derr

  4. I usually am on board with a good bit of Asmon's thinking. However, this idea would likely be terrible for WoW. I can't think of any way that it would make sense to implement without scaling up the power level of the game similar to how D3 increases. And I think that exponential scale of increase can be unfun when it's that dramatic. It's a nice idea, but it sounds like they could achieve the same kind of "class fantasy" through better class specialization design rather than having some dramatic max level capstone. It's very surprising to hear asmon say this because this type of idea reminds me of a lot of features of current wow that much of the outspoken community are opposed to. Just my 2 cents

  5. I'd like to see keeper of the grove/dryad for druid. Make it a healer/pet dps with a shapeshift that improves casting. Spells would include summon treants and ones with a plant theme, also the solar/lunar cycles should be kept far away.
    Some spell example: Vine lash – pure dps
    Leeching roots – Dps leech
    Brambles – Aoe with slow
    Grow(Summon) Tree of war – Dps pet
    Grow Tree of life – Healer pet (turns a portion of dps into healing in some fashion)
    Grow Tree of lore – support tree with huge buff for chosen target based off role
    and some of the normal druid spells: regrowth, tranquility, hurricane, thorns, etc.

  6. Never mentioned demon hunters. I can think of a few for demon hunters.

    "Demon Lord" where you fully embrace your demon/metamorphosis from at all times, which would empower all of your abilities similarly to how they are while during metamorphosis. Some people may not want to have demon form active at all times visually, so maybe make it activate while in combat or be a toggleable form like druid forms are.

    A "Glaive Master" or "Glaive Thrower" which would theoretically transform all or most of your melee abilities into a thrown ranged version. Would be so cool to just be throwing your melee weapons all over the place and having them boomerang back to you. Think of blade dance as tossing your glaives into a group of enemies and have your blades just tornado around for a second before returning back to you.

    Or a "Soul Eater" which would empower your abilities to drain the life force of your enemies and fill up a new power bar with a fitting name such as"Life or Soul Essence" for example. You would lose all direct leech but some of your abilities that use this new power resource could heal you. Eye beam could be transformed into "Devour" which would drain the life force of all enemies in a cone and just infuse your demon form with soul energy for a short time.


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