Asmongold Discusses WoW Shadowlands: What's Next Panel (Features, Zones, Raids) – Blizzcon 2019


Asmongold reacts to the “What’s Next” Blizzcon 2019 panel for the latest World of Warcraft expansion: Shadowlands, a lot has been announced there, such as: new zones (Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, Revendreth, The Maw), the new Covenants, Dungeons (The Other Side), Raids (Castle Nathria), new systems and rewards and more character customization…

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  1. Honestly am excited been leveling a paladin through the game and holy fuck once you hit 70 you get so bored with the content that you kinda want to just grind dungeons instead of doing any old content. Am excited to see what it looks like for launch

  2. I just hope if we can choose to not have the bones stick out of undead than we can have legs that actually cover our whole legs, and not have it look like we are wearing shorts all the time.

  3. Alright. I am a beginner. Is buying Shadowlands necessary if I haven't played all the other Wow Expansions? If I buy this one, does this include all the other ones and do the other ones have their own quests and basically end up doing the same thing in the end, killing the big boss with 20 players? I don't think I can even come close completing one raid. What are your suggestions?

  4. I'm so tired of everything working out for her even as she fails. Then suddenly she's stronger from the war because of this maw? This all needs WAY more explanation when we play. How, when & why.

  5. That isn't the Lich King. That's Bolvar who's been sitting around for a few years just trying to keep the Scourge under control. And no Frostmourne. I mean does Asmongold actually think anyone who puts on the crown automatically becomes as strong as the original Lich King?

    And did he not even pay attention when reading the slides? The scourge draws power from ONE covenant in the Shadowlands. Sylvanas is getting power from the Jailer and the Maw which is now more powerful than all of those Shadowland covenants combined. So the source of the Lich King's power is only 1/4 the source of Sylvanas's power.

  6. I enjoy his videos.

    However, obviously Osmangold has missed the last half of lore in BFA. They touched on this at the end of the Saurfang/Sylvanas fight.

    They even explained that they don't know where she got her new powers, and that she is more powerful than ever before.

    She got her new powers from the master she now serves, that is how she was able to defeat the Lich King Easily. Sylvanas on her own could not do it.

  7. If blizzard doesnt add world quests all over the old zones to give us a reason to go back to old content then this will be another flop personally. Blizz always fails by making only 1 area of the game meaningful and isolating the rest of the world which is fuckin stupid to me

  8. The big guy at the end is most likely Arthas, seeing as Sylvanas says at the beginning of the trailer that Bolvar is a usurper (i.e he usurped Arthas, took his crown and throne) and with it being the shadowlands, it makes sense that's where dead Arthas would be jailed.

  9. Asmongold: sees any animal Furries!
    Me: looks over at pet cat experimentally
    Cat: blinks slowly
    Me: Looks back at screen I think the internet ate his frontal lobe, because animals just look like animals to me.

  10. To cut the thing short… Whatever Blizzard makes of WoW, some people will always be MAD. Not even the Dragonballs could make it so that everyone feels happy. The truth is, no matter what happens WoW will always be nr.1 mmo.

  11. I mean… between the time Sylvanas gets hit by Saurfang and this cinematic, there's the N'zoth raid and (pretty sure), N'zoth's death, which means his essence gets sent to the Maw and Sylvanas gets an insane power up.


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