Asmongold Reactions: "Classic makes me WANT to play World of Warcraft (Classic Beta)" by Method Cdew


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Hope you guys enjoyed this movie, I’m glad Men and Women are enjoying classic
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  1. I keep seeing everyone say " avoid streamer servers " but how many many classic servers will there be in total? i doubt there will be as many as live. If that's the case every server will have a streamer since a different streamer will be on a different server so each one will try to find an "empty server" to play on. All servers will most likely be like an asmon stream for first couple weeks till viewers get bored or the streamer is out of low level areas that would force them to level, which would be hard if they're on a streamer server. Im not rushing to get anything asap on classic so I'm gonna wait 2-3 weeks before playing so I'm not dealing with the overwhelming amount of players at start, and for first few days it won't matter if your on a streamer server or not cause literally everyone playing classic will be in starting zones. So it will seem like a streamer server regardless

  2. "Waste of fuck'n time" in regards to questing/leveling. That's part of the experience. I"m so sick of these MMOs making it so easy to level that it becomes completely worthless process. It's not just about the end game for people. It's about the journey and the relationships gained throughout said journey.

  3. This is me 100%!!! I keep seeing Asmon's classic content and want to play WoW so bad – I even get really close to resubbing, but then I remember how much of a slot machine BFA is 🙁

  4. To be fair the "real life" point doesn't make much sense considering it's cdew's job to play the game for 8-12 hours a day. If he had a normalfag wagie job he would have less time on classic and probably be burnt out from working and not wanting to play as much.

  5. i started playing classic again on a private server one and a half month ago,
    leveled a shaman to 40,
    then i gave up and started leveling a priest
    best decision in my life, fuck classic shamans

  6. What this guy needs to do is put on rockbiter weapon, slap on a shield and become that earth shocking tank shaman that we've never knew we wanted. Make it happen classic, make it fucking happen.


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