Asmongold Reacts to Blizzcon 2021 Cinematic Trailers – WoW Shadowlands & Diablo 4


Asmongold reacts to the Blizzconline 2021 cinematic trailers that were released last month, including: World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.1 Chains of Domination trailer and the introduction to the Diablo IV Rogue class…

Original Videos: (Shadowlands: Chains of Domination – “Kingsmourne”) (Diablo 4 – Official Rogue Cinematic Trailer | BlizzConline 2021)

Shadowlands 9.1 Trailer 0:00
Diablo 4 Trailer 7:50

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  1. You know blizzard will make that boring ass character redeemable next patch. They can’t help themselves. They’re so used to bad writing by now that it’s inevitable lol.

  2. I do not know what they did to Sylvanas, but the real one would LOVE to see her enemy under control. She would look into his face with a smile and look of superiority.

  3. ok but one thing I don't get.
    sylvanas working with the jailor, thats fine I guess, but doesn't she hate arthas more than anyone else? why is she then happy to work with him?

  4. Hey I remember that awesome villain that so cool and made me excited to play wow. So you mean we get a fake, much worse version of that awesome legendary character instead of having a chance to see that character brought back in some capacity. Nice!

  5. "She just stands there" @3:47 failing to realise it's in slow motion, her hands are coming up but aren't fast enough. Maybe she couldn't move because it was too quick?
    She is magically gifted not athletically

  6. I like Sylvanas but not how she's been portrayed in WoW, but i do feel like she can be redeemed, if Darth Vader can be why not Sylvanas?, mark my words, redeemed does not mean not punished, she must still answer for her crimes.

  7. The one shot method is never a cool nor interesting as well not a good way to go about things; though they do it many times. It just sets up shitty story segways.

    Now we have a Lich Boy…greeeaaat.

  8. Yep i agree here that is so stupit that she did't move when Andiun stab her. She didn't defend her. About Sylvanas i think
    she just become sad. Becouse Andiun was turned in to undead dk or whatever against his free will. Like when she was turned to banshee against her free will. She have some empathy for him becouse he is different than Arthas. Arthas is the bad one ( or it was not Arthas but jailer all time plot twist). He killed innesent people while hunting Mal'Ganis. Sylvanas saw that Andiun was cursed like her. Now he will leave like some cursed robotic knight with no free will. She also was probaly hate herself becouse she become like Arthas. She turned one innocent pure soul to dead freak. Yep she probaly can change her mind early but… I don't know. She is like Dart Vader in star wars she will change mind last second.


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