Asmongold "RETAIL SAVED!?!" – WoW: Shadowlands Deep Dive Panel – Blizzcon 2019


Asmongold reacts to the World of Warcraft Shadowlands DEEP DIVE Panel at Blizzcon 2019, the major points of this event were: the new Covenants, Leveling, Classes, Torghast and the Maw…The metaphorical god thinks retail might actually be saved thanks to this new features; soon we might see Classic WoW and Retail actually competing in popularity, what Blizzard always wanted…

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  1. Honestly sad to see all the hate on classic as ppl thing retail is killing classic. Playerbase willingness to participate will do that if anything. Classic made everything after it possible. Baffling to not see any respect from some for Classic. Like p[eople wantr to see classic end lol. So bizzare.

  2. In regard to Paladino's always being weak and helpless, BULLSHIT. Paladins have ALWAYS been Blizzard's bastard child. They've been buffed beyond anything ever imagined. Take that bullshit elsewhere.

  3. I wonder if their going to bring back resistances, like it in the way is that in classic. Notice the different damage types because that could change that whole game. Think if your in a hardcore guild you might have to make some DPS in the group lose damage potential on some fights to gain it on others. I think it might foster a less pugging community and make people from bonds a again. Which lets me honest MMOs are less about the game play and the community. Becuase I don't think back and say "oh that fight was fun." I say "It was a good time in the game because of who I was playing with."

  4. Blizzard every couple of years: does some unwanted changes on classes and slaps some shallow new systems that get boring real fast and a bunch of new raids and dungeons

    World of Warcraft Player: well it's kinda interesting i like it I guess

  5. I hope the Siegebreaker version from WoD will come back to Fury Warrior! I hope we get exactly the playstyle from fury warrior in WoD!

  6. Venthyr worgan or goblin deathnight or demonhunter to with azerite armor and heart of Azeroth cloak of n'zoth vord forged corrupted ashbringer if you have it and finally theotar soul boud ultimate op with Trangmoder and i got a badass and op character


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