Asmongold Talks About His Plans When Classic WoW Is Released


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Hope you guys enjoyed. I would love to see him attempt a 30 hour stream, theirs no chance he will.
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  1. Asmongold makes me OMEGALUL he pretends to be Swifty this OG skilled warrior wow creator making content since the dawn of time, talking about how hard classic was, or BFA vs Classic when he did'nt even play Vanilla. Just another WoTLK Baby pretending he played with the big boys, Its probably why he gets no love from the Devs talking all this shit when he didnt even play

  2. I guess playing is part of your job and all since you stream but why would you want to complete all raids in the 1st 2 weeks? Personally the longer I spend time leveling, questing, crafting and just being immersed in story the better. Theres so much more than just raiding…

  3. 8 hour a day u cannot lvl 60 at classic in 2 week.

    Molten Core full clear is easy are you sure about that?Mate Ragnaros is weak nowadays but at Classic no man no…You are gonna see it already.

    And if you gonna play PVP server maybe ganker streamers gonna track you…And its not gonna be Toxic mate its called World PVP.I'd like to watch the gank streams u know…:))

  4. Asmon is not smart, you can't have the same experience new or old. Its not the same environment.
    Streamers, ease of access information and communication
    Old men who know literally everything about the thing you know nothing about is a big turn off.

    Classic is just a retirement home for WoW players

  5. He's talking about people clearing raids in week 2… I'm not sure he understands that these are 40-60 man collaborative efforts by guilds that have done this on SEVERAL private server launches, and know the min/maxing of bosses down to how many globals they have per fight, and which specific order to pop their CDs in.

  6. Classic warrior was a bajillion times better (read: more fun) than the modern warriors of BFA. I used to absolutely love playing my arms warrior because it was just so fun(fury was dope too, never played a lot of prot warrior tho TBH) and man, it was epic. Now, to fill my need for an incredible 2h dps class I play a ret paladin and wow it's really fun actually, I've been having a blast in BFA playing my ret paladin. I also play prot and holy(especially prot but sometimes holy too). I'm especially looking forward to a burning crusade server because I want a horde paladin again, most of my buddies want to play horde on classic so I'll probably just make a warrior but Im almost certainly going to be playing BFA still because actually I do still enjoy the game. I had taken a long break and it's really not as bad as people make it out to be. In my opinion, and before you tell me off for this, remember it's just my opinion but I don't think BFA is the worst expansion. Not by a long shot. I'd say cata or WoD was the worst. TBC was my favorite, Wotlk was awesome, and I also enjoyed MoP(even though I goofed on it at the time, I have great memories from MoP and I'm making good memories for BFA). To the people who say that the game lacks a social element, that's at least partially on you. If You talk to people chances are they will talk back to you and you might even make a new friend. I've made several. Yes, the game definitely has problems and honestly some of them seem quite easy to fix(that's probably the most frustrating thing about BFA, it just seems like blizzard has been lazy with fixing stuff that needs fixing, maybe that's because they've been working on classic though? I really hope that the next patch helps some of the issues we have in bfa). One thing I will remember about BFA fondly is world PvP. I haven't seen battles like the ones I'm seeing/starting/participating in in the open world in a very long time–since the South shore days. Especially when the overwhelming odds quest is available. I wish they would make another world PvP quest where you have to kill a lot more people, like maybe 100-500 players in a week, then we would see some outright wars. although I would say that the current world PvP which I've been seeing daily is pretty much a war at this point. Anyway, just my 2cents on all of this. I hope I get into beta for classic.

  7. Oml, seeing a party, actually running around, not on mounts, not doing insane pulls and self healing and shielding like crazy, is so nice to see. I have a hard time explaining what classic means to me, and often look silly doing it. But I'm just really excited to experience this.


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