Asmongold’s Take on Joana’s Paid Leveling Guide For Classic WoW


Have you guys purchased or used Joana’s leveling guide? What are your thoughts about using leveling guides?

Zygor Guides, LLC


  1. to be fair, i don't remember whether blizzard said Joana had permission, the site has been open for a very very long time and blizzard is usually pretty quick to go after violations of the ToS

  2. Unless there's a different option I can't see the guide is now $37. I mean I would've gladly paid the $5 /subbed to his stream to use the guide for 1 month but $37 for something he told the community he was going to be releasing for free doesn't look that great.

  3. Brian Kopp paved the way to sell leveling guides… Blizz sued him for the Ally guide, he won, the rest is history. Not against TOS my man, but you say it with such conviction, people who follow you would believe it.

  4. Imagine starting an angry mob and going after a man with a severe heart condition, just because he wanted to get payed for his 100+ hours of hard work. Seriously, its not like this is EA or Activison you fucking cretins, its just a man trying to make a living.

  5. LMAO maybe Blizzard should ban him and sell a guide themselves? Capitalism.
    But he can sell a guide if he wants. I doubt it is against ToS.

    Oh actually…it might be. Thinking about content in other games, it probably is against ToS because it is the kind of thing Blizzard could make money on.

  6. After watching this video and finding out he is not ONLY our for money I think I will pay for the guide, And not going to refund.
    And Asmon is doing the same thing he says is against TOS, and dumb. You are making money off of their product. The TOS is to punish those who abuse the system by making money from no effort. Joana's guide is about the game, and real work is behind it.

  7. So, while I don't have a problem with people selling leveling guides (Zygor Guides did the same shit back in Vanilla/BC and had a fully integrated addon which I don't think Joana does), I'm not sure why anyone looking for a leveling guide would pay for this when Azeroth Autopilot has a Classic version on Twitch.

    If it's against ToS, then Blizzard spent a very long time ignoring a lot of people who created and used guides exactly like this back when the game didn't put you on rails through the leveling process, i.e. Vanilla and BC. Zygor had a fully developed tracker that integrated with map & coordinates in the same way that Autopilot does, and it wasn't free, and I never heard of anyone getting banned for using it. It's information, not content, as chat said. If making a leveling guide is "content" and against ToS, then so are all Asmon's old videos that show people how to solo raid meta achievements and he should be banned.

  8. joana has one serious error in the guide. In his guide in Dustwallow Marsh there are quests from the BC pre-patch and the goblin city in the south of the location and all the quest from it. They were not on Nostalrius, they were not on the Classic Beta and will not be now. People who pay $ 5 just run into the wall and I will be horrified to think where to get 2 more levels to continue pumping on the guide

  9. Its his work, of course he can put a pay wall on his own work. and its only 5 $ , people nowadays donating 100$+ to a streamers that are watching youtube videos. This guy put a lot of hours and hard work on those guides. he is allowed to do it 🙂

  10. This is kinda nutty because lvling to 60 isn't hard just time consuming. Personally, when Un'goro mobs stop decimating me I just powerlevel to 60 there. WoW quests usually nudge you in the right direction of where to stick around to level, so paying to know how to do it maybe 10% faster seems a bit ridiculous to me. Especially, since there are probably guides out right now made at the time WoW Classic's patch version was relevant. That said, let the dude hustle. People that dont know better should pay the stupid tax.

  11. I just don't understand how you can try and sell a leveling guide in this time period. Information is so easily shared that there's no way people won't just find a pirated version for free. It's just way too easy.. especially for things like this. I don't even think it'd be illegal in the slightest since the product is ultimately Blizzards.

  12. Why would anyone care if he sells his guide? He made it right? He wrote the words right? So pay up or don't use it–or get it for free idgaf but I don't know why people are sperging out over this. It's not against the TOS either and even if it is who gives a fuck? Lemme give y'all a little tip-ask for forgiveness, not permission.

    BRB serving federal prison sentence, turns out I should have asked for permission.


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