ASSASSINATION Rogue GUIDE for Mythic Plus and WoW Raids (Patch 8.1.5)


The 8.1 Assassination Rogue guide for mythic plus and wow raids is live yo! As patch 8.1.5 is knee deep, we are loving assassination rogue bfa more and more. Keeping poisons up, bursting with vendetta, our assassination rogue DPS guide 8.1 will cover a lot of ground to get you going with talents, stats, rotation and the best assassination rogue azerite traits. There is some complexity to the spec, especially with the 8.1 assassination opener but hey, we got you covered. You already know MarcelianOnline is the spot for all those BFA WoW Class Guides!


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  1. Hey love your guides!! But can i ask you your addons? Unit frames, cooldown in the middle of the screen and plates. Thank you!

  2. Damn, ur guides are always so helpful. Please keep it up guys 😁👍. I'm no Hardcore raider but still like to play good enough in dungeons n stuff so this Definately helps with avoiding the wrong traits.

  3. At min 11:47 why should I use the 3rd garrote before a Rupture when u stacked 5 combo points at this point and u r actually wasting 2/3 combo points using the 3rd one before spend it?

  4. Thanks for the guide man! I recently rerolled from outlaw to assassin, cause outlaw might be strong but it's soo braindead that i cannot take it anymore xD. Assassination is much more fun, btw love how you explain things! Keep up the good work! ^^

  5. Hey mate how u make your letters looks like this on everywhere i do it only on names and damage dealing but cant do it on quests etc like you ?

  6. Thanks for the guide!
    Can you tell me the addons for your char bars look like that?
    And the ícons on the top right with the Black line around it?
    Thanks & Keep up with the videos!

  7. Hi, i Love your guides helped me a lot with some classes! I also like your ui where can i downloaded? Sry for my bad english best wishes from Austria

  8. how did you remove the eagle icons from your bar skills left and from right the skill bar looks really cool btw i like it cheers


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