Battle for Azeroth Summer Sale – $20 for Level 110 Character Boost, $10 for Collector’s Edition Mounts

Battle for Azeroth Summer Sale - $20 for Level 110 Character Boost, $10 for Collector's Edition Mounts

While the previous article regarding mount and pet sales cited an end date of July 19th, there’s no current information on whether or not these additional sales will end at the same time or continue for a longer period of time.

$20 for BFA Standard Edition (Including Character Boost)

The Standard Edition for Battle for Azeroth now costs $19.99, which is a 60% discount from the regular price of $49.99. A Level 110 character boost comes with the Standard Edition of Battle for Azeroth. Normally boosts cost $60 via the in-game shop, and with Shadowlands pre-purchase available, those are now level 120. But with the Winds of Wisdom experience buff active, it’s very easy (and cheaper) to buy a BFA boost to hit 110 and then level to 120.

$10 for BFA Digital Deluxe Items

While the full Digital Deluxe Edition of Battle for Azeroth is on sale for $30, players who already own the base expansion can purchase the BFA Digital Deluxe Items separately for only $10. Warlords of Draenor and Legion digital deluxe items are on sale for the same price, so anyone who missed out on those goodies before can obtain them once again for a very low price.

This bundle also grants digital goodies in other Blizzard games like Overwatch and Hearthstone.

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