Best and Worst Mythic+ Dungeons to Complete on Inspiring, Storming, Fortified Weeks

Best and Worst Mythic+ Dungeons to Complete on Inspiring, Storming, Fortified Weeks

Welcome to this week’s affixes! Storming, Inspiring, Fortified, and Prideful are the affixes you have to deal with coming into this week.

These affixes can definitely slow you down, most notably Inspiring. Inspiring does not change week to week, but most certainly is a nuisance in many circumstances. This is why this dungeon does not have any super lower bounds or extreme outliers, but does not have any extreme advantages as the timer can be cause of concern in a few situations. Using Crowd Control effects on the inspired mobs such as Sap, Imprison, Entangling Roots, etc and pulling the other mobs away from that inspired mob can potentially be an important play. Inspiring also notably only inspires mobs within 15 yards, and if a cast while the mob is inspired even if the inspiring mob is moved away the cast will show as protected even if it isn’t. You can kick into this “protected cast” and your kick will go through as long as the inspired mob is more than 15 yards away.

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S-Tier Dungeons

Halls of Atonement

Halls of Atonement is one of the best fortified dungeons in the game right now, and with the affixes present that should not change. Halls is also easier than Mists of Tirna Scithe on this affix set. Halls of Atonement has some of the most lax placement of Inspiring out of any of the dungeons that you can play. On top of that the caster Depraved Obliterator in this dungeon are mostly tank damage and a lot of times are the inspired mobs themselves.

Pain Points
The biggest pain point in this dungeon are the Vicious Gargon pulls and the Shard of Halkias pulls. So for the Gargons, your tank needs to diligently kite to make sure he does not get too many stacks of the Jagged Swipe. On Fortified the Gargons beat up your tank and fortunately they do not do any anti-kite mechanics. As for the Shards, their primary ability Thrash does an intense amount of groupwide damage. It does have a 40 yard range, so you can get out of there if things are getting dicey. Normally the issues with the Shards happen when you pull Depraved Obliterator with them and mis-manage kicks. Be careful to pull these mobs into the Shards if you do not have good kicks assigned. This is one of the only dungeons that Storming is apparent in as on Lord Chamberlain soaking the lines with Storming is rough.

Halls of Atonement GuideHalls of Atonement Tips and Tricks

A-Tier Dungeons

Mists of Tirna Scithe

Storming & Inspiring both should not do a ton in this instance in the time department. There are a few moments when inspiring is tough though and requires a bit of finesse to go through the instance. This is really problematic in pugs during the maze if you are not careful.

Pain Points
You do have to pay attention to inspiring a bit in mists. There are 2 packs in particular you should look out for and the maze is also obnoxious. The first pack is the pack with x2 Drust Soulcleaver and x2 Drust Harvester. The harvesters do a Harvest Essence & Spirit Bolt cast and both should be kicked with high frequency. Since the soulcleaver is the inspired mob here, CCing him is definitely advantageous. You can even use the mind control trick from above on the first boss if you leave him CCed. Second pack to watch out for is the Spinemaw Larva in the pack with the Spinemaw Staghorn. The Staghorn has 2 casts that need to be kicked in the Stimulate Resistance & Stimulate Regeneration. The larva has low HP, so you can blow him up pretty quickly and then continue to kick the Staghorn. The Spinemaw Reaver that patrol also are inspired, so really try to avoid them. On top of all of this, there are many packs in the maze with Mistveil Tenders that have Inspiring in them. You have to be careful, cc frequently, and pull slow in order to make the maze managable.

Mists of Tirna Scithe GuideMists of Tirna Scithe Tips and Tricks


Plaguefall’s lenient timer with use of Rigged Plagueborers and Unstable Canisters in this dungeon make it very forgiving to deaths and pulling slow. Inspiring and Storming both are not overly impactful in this instance as a general rule. Setting up your Prideful to where they spawn before Globgrog, Domina Venomblade, and Margrave Stradama is fairly important even on Fortified as these bosses have the highest chance to wipe you and are very deadly.

Pain Points
The trash in between the first and second boss is probably the biggest pain point in this dungeon generally. Making sure you use the Rigged Plagueborers well in order to kill surrounding mobs is very important. The plagueborers do scale off Fortified, so make sure that you blow them up on top of other mobs. In regards to Inspiring, the biggest pain point for inspiring is the Domina Venomblade room as there is a Defender of Many Eyes and a Venomous Sniper with inspiring on them. These can be problematic for crowd controlling the spiders that the Brood Ambusher spawns. Making sure you use an AOE crowd control effect whenever the inspired mobs are away from the spiders is important. Also for the left pack making sure you are able to CC the defender on his Bulwark of Maldraxxus is really important as well.

Be careful for Storming on Margrave Stradama :-).

Plaguefall GuidePlaguefall Tips and Tricks

Necrotic Wake

Necrotic Wake’s timer is really free if you are aggressively playing with the weapons. Inspiring is very ridiculous at some points of this dungeon such as with the Necromancers, but manageable with very coordinated CC. If you are able to manage the inspiring and aggressively play with the weapons, then this week should be no different from most normal weeks in Necrotic Wake.

Pain Points
All of the trash in the Necropolis and the Zolramus Necromancer are the biggest pain points in this dungeon. For the Necropolis trash specifically the Tenderize gets stacked up incredibly quickly on your tank and your tank has limited ability to be able to kite out these Kyrian Stitchwerk as they also have an anti-kite mechanic. Beyond that, be very careful for Inspiring + Corpse Collector in the necropolis as well as kicks on the Corpse Collectors are mandatory. As for the Zolramus Necromancer, for some reason 2 out of 3 of them are inspired and the nearby Brittlebone Mage are a massive source of damage. These packs should be carefully cced if pulled or potentially skipped on this week.

Necrotic Wake GuideNecrotic Wake Tips and Tricks

B-Tier Dungeons

Spires of Ascension

Spires of Ascension’s timer is incredibly forgiving most weeks if you take the dungeon pretty slow, however the massive kick requirement is very difficult on Inspiring. Taking the dungeon slow and steady with CCs is definitely advantageous for success, but not for the timer. With Fortified and Storming the rest of this dungeon should be fairly normal if you are able to manage the inspiring.

Pain Points
I think the biggest pain points in this dungeon is the trash in front of Devos and the starting area trash. The angels in front of Devos do an unreal amount of damage. Once you end up pushing a high enough key, I would highly recommend using Bloodlust and the Kyrian Covenant Spear from Spires itself on the final angel Klotos.

All of the trash before the first boss is really annoying to deal with as there is no real concrete way to chain pull or mass pull the packs. The pack before the first boss it is mandatory to CC the Forsworn Mender here and pull the other mobs away from him. This will mean you have to fight the mender with your Prideful but this is not difficult to pull off. Take the dungeon and the trash slow. Inspiring is really annoying but the timer should be there if you are clean.

Spires of Ascension GuideSpires of Ascension Tips and Tricks

De Other Side

De Other Side has a relatively tight timer, but on this week you should be able to pull the Ardenweald with unlimited size restrictions other than hitting the Prideful spawn percentages. This makes De Other Side not super difficult this week compared to most weeks (Tyrannical weeks).

Pain Points
Trash in the Dealer Xy’exa area is probably one of the biggest week to week pain points present here. Beyond that this dungeon just has the same relative difficulty week to week. Fortunately enough almost all of this trash can be kited around as there are few to no anti-kite mechanics on the trash here and almost no casters. The reason this is a big pain point is due to the fact that the timer in De Other Side is so tight that generally having to pull this area large is a necessity and if it isn’t a necessity then it surely makes the dungeon easier. Avoid Bladebeak Matriarch as much as humanly possible and honestly you’re good to go if you have a clean run. In addition to that in the Hakaar area there are 3 Atal’ai High Priest with Inspiring on them. The priests themself are not bad, but Atal’ai Devoted need to be cced and Atal’ai Hoodoo Hexxer have to be kicked regularly, so the priests inspiring other mobs is rough.

Skip parts of the Hakaar wing if possible would be my advice for DOS.

De Other Side GuideDe Other Side Tips and Tricks

Sanguine Depths

The bosses in Sanguine Depths will almost always be the gatekeepers in this instance regardless of whether it is Fortified or Tyrannical. Fortunately though, after the most recent nerfs this dungeon is definitely more in line with other dungeons. The timer in here is pretty lenient as long as you can live the bosses. Inspiring is rough at certain points in this instance but largely unimpactful. Storming is really annoying due to the tight corridors, but if well played this dungeon is definitely not that bad this week.

Pain Points
I think the biggest problem parts in this dungeon like I eluded to in the other section are the bosses. Kryxis the Voracious, Executor Tarvold, and General Kaal are some of the hardest bosses individually and when they are slammed together in a dungeon they feel really difficult. On Kryxis you need to make sure to slowly soak the orbs from Severing Smash otherwise you can put yourself in deep trouble. You can also range the Severing Smash ability and it will not drop any of the orbs. This is something you can do, but I would use this liberally and only if you think your healer or tank need assistance. On Executor Tarvold, focusing down the adds is by far the highest priority. When there are bad overlaps with Castigate + add pulsing AOE damage is very scary and heavy defensives / Immunities should be used here. Helpful tip: You can Feign Death every cast of the Castigation on a hunter. For General Kaal, healer mana is the scariest part. There is potential to have your healer suicide, drink, then resuming pulling, but that is so costly time wise. You can pull general Kaal far back where the bears will not combat you as well, so that is an option.

There are also ample amounts of Wicked Oppressor combined with Inspiring which are very dangerous casters with their Wrack Soul ability. Potential use of an invisibility potion after the third boss to skip the trash in the hallway area is encouraged. This means that you should get your 80% prideful for Tarvold so you are able to skip the hallway after 3rd boss.

Sanguine Depths GuideSanguine Depths Tips and Tricks

C-Tier Dungeons

Theater of Pain

Theater of Pain is definitely one of the more difficult dungeons to deal with on Inspiring. There are a lot of packs that have inspired + caster mobs that you will need to CC. That coupled with Theater’s low mob density generally and semi tight timer, makes this dungeon pretty difficult this week. This is also one of the few dungeons where Storming is really annoying due to the small platforms / area of movement.

Pain Points
There are 2 mobs with Inspiring in the Shackled Soul area. This makes the traditional “pull all of them and use AOE CC” strategy less viable on this week. There are potential routes that skip the Shackled Souls and looking into those can be of benefit. There is also a terrible pull with an inspired Bone Magus, Portal Guardian, and Maniacal Soulbinder. You can either CC the Bone Magus or kill it quickly before the Soulbinder’s Necrotic Bolt Volley goes off. All-in-all pulling very slow in Theater of Pain and CCing mobs is your best bet, but it is not very good for the timer.

Theater of Pain GuideTheater of Pain Tips and Tricks

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