Best and Worst Mythic+ Dungeons to Complete on Tyrannical, Raging, Explosive

Best and Worst Mythic+ Dungeons to Complete on Tyrannical, Raging, Explosive

Welcome to this week’s affixes! Raging, Explosive, Tyrannical, and Prideful are the affixes you have to deal with coming into this week.

These affixes are difficult from a time perspective in the form of Explosive and Tyrannical. Raging is typically fairly gimmicky and difficult on a per dungeon basis. These time losses are enough to make this week moderately difficult time wise coming predominantly from Tyrannical. On top of this there are also a lot more dungeons that soft require a Soothe style enrage dispel.

Tip of the Week

You can enchant your belt with Cardboard Assassin from Cataclysm Engineering. This ability will taunt mobs for a few seconds giving your tank some leeway to kite or eat abilities for the tank. It is very powerful and worth picking up.


Want to check how much damage you’ll take from certain Mythic+ abilities on this week? Check out our Mythic+ Damage Calculator!

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B-Tier Dungeons

Mists of Tirna Scithe

With probably the easiest timer and pretty forgiving dungeon as a whole, it comes as no surprise that Mists of Tirna Scithe is the easiest dungeon of the week… again. Raging & Explosive are actually moderately difficult in the front half of the dungeon, but ultimately this dungeon is so free all the time that none of that matters anyways. I would recommend pulling the back half of the dungeon between Mistcaller and Tred’ova a bit slower than normal as Explosive and Raging can be kind of rough.

Pain Points
Mists only really has one difficult section in the dungeon and it comes right smack at the beginning of the dungeon. This week due to raging there are some issues that come in a different spot than last week. The Drust Boughbreakers on lower level keys and Drust Soulcleavers are brutal for your tank once they are enraged, so be super careful here. The Boughbreaker’s Furious Thrashing can be outranged at 60 yards as well if you are feeling in immediate danger. Tyrannical should not be too costly outside of Ingra Maloch which if you have to multi-cycle the boss it can be tedious.

Explosive on Mistcaller
Explosive on Mistcaller is really annoying during the Guessing Game as you will have to watch all 4 adds as they can spawn explosive on them at any given moment. This can be dealt with easily by 1 to 2 ranged dps players, but if you do not have access to that the healer / tank will have to deal with it.

Some helpful tips with the Ingra Maloch encounter:

  1. If you are going to get multiple burns, use stuff short cooldown cds like Combustion on Droman Oulfarran.
  2. Use Bloodlust when there is 40 seconds left on your Prideful buff.
  3. Do not commit to the boss if it is over 15% HP

MIsts of Tirna Scithe Guide

Halls of Atonement

Halls on Raging and Explosive is very much a tank and healer struggle from a technical perspective. There are a lot of mobs that get quite dangerous once enraged and managing the raging, kicks, and kiting is imperative once the mobs dip below 30% HP. Explosive is also rather challenging as it will slow down your dungeon in a few spots and require focus from DPS players since the tank / healer cannot always deal with them.

Pain Points
The biggest pain points in this dungeon are the trash mobs more often than not. On Tyrannical the bosses can get long, but they don’t get substantially more difficult even though they have more HP. This makes the most difficult part of this dungeon the timer itself as the damage check from Tyrannical paired up with Explosive makes the timer really tight. Aside from that, lets talk about the trash mobs that are very dangerous and how to deal with them potentially on Raging!

  • Depraved Obliterator – The obliterator casts Wicked Bolt at the threat target, and this bolt hurts a lot. Making sure you get kicks or CC effects when the obliterators hit sub 30% is very important as tank mitigation versus magic damage is normally fairly low.
  • Vicious Gargon – The dogs in this instance already murder your tank with their Jagged Swipe bleed. This coupled with raging can absolutely melt your tank. Kiting is definitely the preferred method to deal with the Gargons in here.
  • Shard of Halkias – with his Thrash ability is absolutely mandatory to have an enrage dispel. You can also outrange the thrash at 40 yards, but even then I think an enrage dispel for your tank is really necessary.

The Loyal Stoneborn is also able to be able to be tamed while Raging making it do insane damage.

Explosive on Inquisitor Sigar
On the Inquisitor mobs that sit on the pews, explosive will spawn in droves. You have to be very careful of this room as it can potentially wipe you.

Halls of Atonement Guide

C-Tier Dungeons


Plaguefall’s lenient timer with use of Rigged Plagueborers and Unstable Canisters in this dungeon make it very forgiving to deaths and pulling slow, but Tyrannical is absolutely brutal in here. Domina Venomblade and Margrave Stradama are some of the most difficult bosses if you do not have appropriate amounts of DPS. Coordination is key, but the timer is lenient enough to where Plaguefall is a pretty desired dungeon this week if you can be clean.

Pain Points
This dungeons difficulty comes with the final 2 bosses and a lot of the trash in the back half of the instance. The notable trash packs that are difficult here are the packs with Brood Ambusher, Venomous Sniper, and Defender of Many Eyes. The ambusher melees incredibly hard on the tank and has a Ambush which is an AOE leap. These occurring while enraged can be super dangerous for the tank and he needs to be very careful if there is no dispel on the Ambusher. The group needs to be wary of the Sniper as his shot can be rough once he does also enter raging. The defender is chill though. The other notably scary trash on Raging are the Rotting Slimeclaw. Their Corroded Claws ability stacks on your tank and is super dangerous to melee as it is a Fervent Strike type ability.

As for Explosive, there are a few trash pulls that you have to be aware of and carful of. Gushing Slime there are a lot of slimes to deal with and making sure you can kill all the explosives while dealing damage to the slimes is important. The other trash pull are the Plaguebound Devoteds. These guys will also spawn explosives which are difficult to deal with.

Plaguefall Guide

Spires of Ascension


Spires of Ascension’s timer is incredibly forgiving on normal weeks, but on Tyrannical and Raging there is a lot that can go wrong in this keystone. Tyrannical takes your extra time away by itself and Raging puts you in a point where your tank is liable to die if he is not adequately kiting. I don’t think that Spires is the most affected dungeon on this affix set, but the affixes do not favor it for sure. Explosive is not too terrible in this key as the dungeon has relatively low mob density and packs that are not overly spread.

Pain Points
I think the biggest pain point in this dungeon is going to be the boss kill time, kick rotations late into trash packs, and the angel mini bosses. With it being Tyrannical, Ventunax becomes even harder. The longer the fight goes on for the more black puddles he spawns shooting the missles out of them. This boss and mechanic in my experience is the hardest part. Getting your 60% or 80% Prideful right before you engage Ventunax is really helpful in killing the boss. The trash mobs that you have to watch out for are Forsworn Castigator, Forsworn Goliath, and Forsworn Stealthclaw. The castigator has Burden of Knowledge which should be kicked as often as possible, this ability is already brutal and if it goes on somebody whilst Raging is out then you will die. The goliath has Rebellious Fist which if it goes off normally it will drop you super low (potentially kill you but not often on Tyran), but when this is enraged this will probably be a full group wipe if it goes off. The stealthclaws just beat up your tank and should be kited like your life depends on it.

The angels at the end I would say have a mandatory enrage dispel for Raging. The nature of those mini bosses in this dungeon just require them to be soothed once they enter raging.

Spires of Ascension Guide

Necrotic Wake

Necrotic Wake’s timer is very lenient now as long as you understand how and when to use the weapons in the dungeon. This means that as long as you play a safer strategy then you should be well off. For advice, I think that using the 3 Javelins on Amarth, Surgeon Stitchflesh, and Nalthor the Rimebinder is a really solid play because you can ensure that the javelin is around for Nalthor. Especially as well on the Tyrannical week making sure you have a lot of boss damage is important. Nalthor can actually become a 3+ minute encounter if you are not careful.

Typical use of the Discharged Anima is well used on a large pull where you are wanting the silence. Typical spots for these are Nar’zudah mini-boss pull, Zolramus Necromancer, necropolis Corpse Collector pulls, or just bosses. Bloody Javelin is best used typically on bosses. Forgotten Forgehammer is best used almost always on bosses or on a Prideful that you do not have cooldowns for.

Raging is very dangerous in the Necropolis area especially for the tank as the tank damage in there is massive. Explosive can be annoying on trash that gets spread, but should not be overly difficult assuming that you have people killing them.

Pain Points
This week the pain points of Necrotic Wake seem to be the bosses. Make sure you have armaments of some kind for Amarth, Surgeon Stitchflesh, and Nalthor the Rimebinder. For Blightbone just having the native Kyrian Anima Exhaust ability should do wonders on this boss. For Amarth as well if you CC the adds during the Final Harvest that are still up then the adds do not get consumed and wipe you. You will see top groups CC the mages with Paralysis or Shackle Undead on every set to avoid having to kill the adds. This does require coordination though.

I would recommend pulling really slow in the beginning as well for explosive.

Necrotic Wake Guide

D-Tier Dungeons

De Other Side

The time it takes to kill Hakkar the Soulflayer, Millhouse Manastorm, and Mueh’zala normally is a really daunting task which is magnified on Tyrannical. That coupled with the only real part of the instance that has unique pulls is the Ardenweald area makes this dungeon really rough on Explosive. This makes the timer incredibly tight in a dungeon that already has a fairly tight timer. Raging is also very difficult on a per-pull basis where some pulls are very scary when enraged.

Pain Points
I still think that the timer and Hakkar the Soulflayer are the biggest issues this week in De Other Side. Hakkar the Soulflayer is a run killer and there is a reason every group gets pride prior to pulling him. If you wipe to him your run is over and you drop the key and go again. Make sure you save bloodlust and have Prideful for him and you should be okay. Aside from that, you need to pull the Ardenweald area a bit aggressive to time the key. This leads to potential tank deaths as Raging and enormous pulls are very dangerous with Explosive. There are a few mobs as well that I would highly recommend having an enrage dispel for and those are Enraged Spirit & 4.RF-4.RF. The amount of tank damage / groupwide damage that these mobs do can cause major issues if not dealt with perfectly otherwise.

De Other Side Guide

Theater of Pain


Theater of Pain is definitely one of the more difficult dungeons to deal with on Tyrannical. The reason this dungeon is as low as it is is because of the very difficult timer, 5 Tyrannical bosses to deal with, and bosses that all take a substantial amount of time. While Explosive is mostly irrelevant, it still can be annoying. Raging requires you to bring an enrage dispel to this dungeon to be able to deal with the mini bosses. Without the dispel your tank will get smoked. There are also other mobs such as Portal Guardian that do incredibly amounts of group wide damage.

Pain Points
The bosses and pride timings are the biggest road block in Theater this week. Make sure you have a strategy and route that sets up prides to be spawned into bosses as frequently as possible. The amount of DPS that is required to time this key on tyrannical is no joke. I don’t think there are any major pain points that need to be addressed that also were not addressed in the introduction. Just make sure you also have a soothe for the champions.

This dungeon especially on Tyrannical is just a long damage check. There is not a lot of variance or difficulty in the dungeon itself if you have the DPS for it. If you do not then the dungeon is very difficult.

You can check out some basic routes for Theater here which will help a decent amount

Theater of Pain Guide

Sanguine Depths

The bosses in Sanguine Depths will almost always be the gatekeepers in this instance regardless of whether it is Fortified or Tyrannical. Explosive is incredibly annoying in Sanguine Depths due to the packs, but the low mob density is not the worst. Raging can be really sketchy from time to time, but it should not be something that is overwhelming or mandatory to have an enrage dispel.

Pain Points
I think the biggest problem parts in this dungeon like I eluded to in the other section are the bosses. Kryxis the Voracious, Executor Tarvold, and General Kaal are some of the hardest bosses individually and when they are slammed together in a dungeon they feel really difficult.

On Kryxis you need to make sure to slowly soak the orbs from Severing Smash otherwise you can put yourself in deep trouble. You can also range the Severing Smash ability and it will not drop any of the orbs. This is something you can do, but I would use this liberally and only if you think your healer or tank need assistance.

On Executor Tarvold, focusing down the adds is by far the highest priority. When there are bad overlaps with Castigate + add pulsing AOE damage is very scary and heavy defensives / Immunities should be used here. Helpful tip: You can Feign Death every cast of the Castigation on a hunter. Stuff like Shadowmeld also works.

For General Kaal, making sure that you retain mana, minimize bleeds, and do not let the tank die to Raging is the most important part. The boss + trash is normally rough, but on this weeks affixes it will be a lot worse if your tank isn’t kiting trash aggressively. You also need to watch out for Explosive during the gauntlet as well.

Groups normally do a pretty aggressive first pull in this dudgeon. This is nearly impossible on Explosive as how you typically have to group the mobs does not allow you to do so with explosive.

Sanguine Depths Guide

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