BEST CLASS CHANGE IN SHADOWLANDS! Class Abilities Come Back! – WoW: Battle For Azeroth 8.2


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  1. The only thing that can bring me back to retail is bringing back critts.. the retail combat is so damn boring, every spell you do take like max 3% of the enemy hp, bring back 30-55% critts

  2. I dont know this is super weird, but i would like survival hunter use throwing weapons… Now i like the fact that they made him melee, because classes which have all 3 dps specs although having different abilities still feel the same, but having a survival spec with a throwing weapons which would be different from other ranged weapons (maybe slower and less range, but more dmg per throw + they would have melee animations upclose). I just want my orc with throwing axed and a bear (yes, like Rexxar) or night elf with a chakram and a sabrecat

  3. The Fire/Frost/Arcane split for mages was always stupid, they should take notes from D&D and use spell schools as Talent trees. Conjuration would include summoning and damage spells, Enchantment would have illusions, invisibility, charm, blink (pretty much just combine the D&D Enchantment School with the D&D Illusion School), and then Alteration would have things like polymorph, stoneskin, levitation/slow fall, mage armor etc.

  4. So basically we first downgrade the amount of spells per class so it doesn't clutter up everything and now we are going to revert that. OK well? In understand the idea but feels like in a few months we are back to complaining why there are so many irrelevant spells etc

  5. i was excited to see it at start , then i realised that most classes got amazing and iconic abilities back like killshot , or demonic circle meanwile as a mage main i get to cast frostbolt as fire , instead of giving me my deepfreeze back , i know its not finalised and i hope it there will be more coming for my favorite class , or else it will end up like bfa for me , unsub

  6. I also wish they would let us choose the animations of the spells, make it a special achievement to do or whatever, I just miss older animations like I miss the old star surge, looked like a big hadouken!

  7. Honestly I wish they would bring back dark evangelism for shadow priest as well extra damage of mind blast from shadow orbs. I miss the days back in cata where I would nuke everything with mind blast! Nowdays it's a joke spell and class, and Give us back our three dots ! Make devouring plague a default spell. Sucks being a dot class and only having two spells on a target.. makes you not want to play them!

  8. definitely should bring back soul swap for warlocks . being able to spread dots via shards was fun, currently feel like you just use shards for UA as affliction, no choice to be made. bringing back curses should be interesting, especially if they can be used in a raid/ M+ setting?

  9. I thought I did, but I don't. I think the Nostalgia wore off. I am 10/10 MC, 1/1 Onyxia pretty much BiS with over 16k gold and I am currently playing retail. Classic got old for me after about 2 months. Raid bosses and class mechanics are boring and lost that nostalgic charm after the the 8th or 10th MC/Onyxia clear. I am really hyped for Shadowlands and have grown to appreciate the almost two decades of improvements Blizzard has made to the game. If Classic did anything for me it made me appreciate the current game. Until you go back you really take Raid design, countless BGs/Arenas, Mythic+, new animations, graphical polish, and the well thought out class design for granted. I personally think Classic was a great idea and in the long run really helps players truly understand how far World of Warcraft has come. Some people will always stay blinded by nostalgia and never give the current game the credit it deserves.

  10. Im wondering what are they going to do to survival again this time…it was great during legion but such a pain during BFA…i reckon they should return survival to its roots and make it more about utility and crowd control and make it a real mellee/ranged hybrid

  11. I mean whats the friggin problem with having "bloat" abilities. Dont like em, dont use em. Let others have fun. Its an rpg for a reason. They need to stop making it an esport. Nobody watches wow esport anyway.

  12. Raise Dead for DK’s coming back, I bet Dark Transformation will be back across all DK specs too. Hope Blizzard will publish online all the abilities coming back.


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