Best Leveling Addons 2.4.3 TBC


The addons used in the video:
Zygor Leveling Guide
Cartographer Waypoints
Zygor Guides, LLC


  1. Hey TSW, as always we really appreciate these addon guides. I wanna try to get you to post a video regarding essential raiding addons for TBC. I think there is a real problem with people finding the correct addons for TBC raiding. This leads to different people using different versions of omen, not being able to see raid debuffs because they lack crucial gird plugins such as GridStatusRaidDebuffs or something like HealComm. There is a real need in the community for a basis of confirmed working addons for raiding. I'd like to suggest that you include links to working addons in your description section as well. This is crucial because, a simple google isn't enough. I could google zygor's guide, as most new pserver scene players might, and sit there for hours dealing with the wrong download or the wrong version because I'm ignorant on how to find working addon versions. I realize that this is more work on your end, compiling addons that work and handing out their download locations. But, I think it's crucial to the betterment of pserver scene addon understanding as well as increasing the quality of the raiding environment on TBC servers.

  2. Remember to note that Zygor is only useful for x1 xp servers, elsewhere you just level way to fast and out pace the recommended quests. Requiring you to click through the addon if u have it a ridiculous amount if u want it to maintain its usefulness


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