Best Ways to Make/Farm Gold in Classic Vanilla WoW – Class by Class



World of Warcraft: Classic

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  1. Cant Feral druids charge for tanking dungeons like warriors? With proper gear tank druids are better tanks than warriors before Molten Core drops. Or is the stigma that a druid cant tank still around after all these years in vanilla? That crap was proven wrong even before vanilla ended.

  2. 8:39 dont even think farming black lotus ! on official respown will be 2 hr not 6 min like in private servers. I am 100% sure will be a Mafia…. and ofc no black lotus dont even think about flask . So yea have fun in vanilla boys.

  3. Paladins can sell them self’s for dungeon runs quite well, if you are holy or even prot spec. The prot spec paladin and make short work of the undead dungeons, they deal a lot of damage and can aoe Agro. You can also reserve items just like a warrior tank, paladins just struggled in raids due to not having on demand block ability’s etc.

  4. pffff, paladins are BEST class to make money, in my vanilla days, i would log friends paladin, and i would join dungeons since dungeons ALWAYS needed a healer, and often spam lfg chat,,(omg i miss that chat) and i would heal ONLY if i could take all the loot that was greeded,, i had DE and needed 0 skill to de them,, so sold shitloads of LBS.Also ocassionaly would do ony pug, and remove my helm,and put a crappy one, and got actually 3 t2 heads,and sharded them aswell.And ofcourse fan favorite selling buffs for twinks for 25silver in stormwind castle,,, damn those where some awesome days,,,, i miss beeing a gipsy paladin,bendng the light my way !! =D
    edit. i would ninja off manual of eviscerate on rogue, and had 2-3 cooking recepies in bag,since it never showed on tooltip what u elarened,back in vanilla, and i woudl earn easy 250-350g from that manual alone.Scumbag rogue is scumbag =P.and yes i was about richest guy on server, had tons of friends and had aloads of theirs accounts,= shittons of professions, and i would craft enchant shit out the server, i had around 20k gold,and over 200k in TBC,doing simullar stuff… grind leather, make shitty leather lvl 50 gear DE them for essences=monneyyyy,specialy when pvp wellfare camed and everybody wanted to chant their gear ,,,,pfff…. had my special square in IF, everybody knew me,,i also got tons of free raid spots,just to see content,i didnt rreally wanted the gear,i played the game cuz of my friends and during raidtimes,afternnons and evening i didnt actually ahd nuff time to raid cuz we would all get our got wasted and so on,,or just socialise,,, damn i miss that,, alot =(…..

  5. any place you can pick Black Lotus and do something else is the best available $$ strat; pre BOE BL is like 90-100g/per (after it's BOE lower 60-70g)
    farm Essence of Air and pick BL? yup; elementals taken? farm twilight text and twilight raiments
    farm Winterspring demons for Eye of Shadow and pick BL? yup; demons taken? do firewater or jujus
    farm plaguelands Tyr's hand & BL? yup; if it's crowded do the water elementals or alchemy recipe drop guys
    farm burning steppes & BL? nope
    u go there and yur ded

    mining / gems
    herb gathering
    fishing / meat
    gathering cloth
    and vender all grey`s
    and selling dust

  7. I saw a video of warlock soloing DME using banish/enslave and Dots, which included killing trash and bosses. Don't remember exact yield but it looked lucrative. This strat is very difficult though and should only be undertaken by highly skilled (and probably geared) players.

  8. Note for ppl farming instances: Resetting inside instances and getting ported out wasn't possible in retail (tmk) as of patch 1.6 or so (people used a different method from private servers), so be prepared to unequip your gear and die to mobs if you wish to reset.

  9. BS…not on high pop servers were everyone is farming
    The only way to make gold is do all the high level quest once you hit max
    Or run low level Inz with a high level char solo. Palas are good for this.

  10. Hey toxic fuck! Remember me? ? Just want to point out that ju missed that mages also can farm dogs, flowers and 1st boss in DM:N. 30-40g/h. ? And mix that up with the DM:E runs and u got some nice cashflow! ???

  11. Not a bad video but not entirely accurate. Herbalism beats pickpocketing if its fixed the pick pocketing thing is from nost pvp and pve were the loot tables were bugged and Rogue Diaries (which vendor for 50silver each) had an extremely high drop chance, thats been fixed on most servers. Druids can easily solo mara as feral, paladins can aoe farm shit and priest can do DM east and do 2/3 mara runs.


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