BFA: 50,000g – 100,000g PER HOUR! | Hook Point | INSTANT RESPAWN


Trying out Zaaif’s New bfa goldf farm spot!
– US :
– EU :
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  1. The economy is broken. You should be a direct reason that Blizzard stops inflating gold… but they are cashing out. This is good example of how most content is ruined in the game compared to very very few meaningful events.

  2. I had a questions. Are mobs in Incursions farmmable for like mount drops? Like when more humanoids are in a area where humanoids drop mount. Example would be Goldenmane Mount.

  3. Does anyone know if class trials can get the BoE epics here? I know they have mount/pet restrictions but what about just equipment? I've not been able to find testimony/answers.

  4. 1 hour in Hook Point today. Pulled 4 BoE Epics, 45 Green's 1568 Tidespray Linen, 90 Deep Sea Satin, 3k ish Junk.

    Thanks for all your posts. You have made me never have to pay for wow again.

  5. Not only is your content old news, and that you're a total sham who's totally viewfishing, with clickbait terms, and recycled content that does nothing but bring it to the attention of Blizzard for a quick nerf.. let's be real here Studen, you don't really give a shit about the WoW economy, or goldmaking community, you only spout on about your server's pricings, and how much gold you make on there because all of your fanboi cucks are on your server, and they buy your shit my boi. No different than Asmoneckbeard who has most of his shit handed to him on a silver platter because he's in the limelight.. Facts. PS, your thumbnail makes you look like you're about to take it in the mouth.. constantly. Isn't that INSANE? But that's none of my business — sips Kaja Cola —


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