BfA 8.3 MAJOR CLASS CHANGES – Paladin Glimmer Nerf, Monk Fistweaving is Back! New Best Healer? | WoW


World of Warcraft Patch 8.3 Battle for Azeroth (BfA) class changes video. I talk about the nerfs and buffs that are coming to certain classes, how it might impact them in raids & M+ and if they were deserved! I talk about holy paladin glimmer of light nerfs, brewmaster tank changes and much more!

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  1. No one cares about any of these classes! Its all about paladin! And as for Holy Paladin shouldnt they be REWARDING difficult gameplay execution rather than limiting it

  2. Mistweaver needs more than just Rising Mists to become a fistweaver. It would be nice to have Way of the Crane baseline, and perhaps one more mechanic added to their DPS rotation to keep things interesting.

    I would love to see Mistweavers turned into melee discipline priests, but for some reason I highly doubt Blizzard is going to try with that.

  3. Awesome! Just as a literally spent a month leveling up a priest from scratch to 110…it now gets a big nerf. The SAME with my Holy Pally which I literately paid to boost and have been spending a massive amount of time mastering the class.

    Should have just stuck to my Prot warrior tgis xpac. Getting sick of the ups and downs every patch.

    Is it so hard to simply keep certain specs over all level, unique but yet have their pros and cons in certain raid and PVP conditions.

    It seems like Blizz is more focused on nerfing/buffing classes every other month..:then refining and adding originality.

  4. Oh cool Windwalkers' one shot window damage was just significantly increased when it was already totally busted in pvp. At this point it's totally clear no balance team member at Blizzard plays PvP above 1800.

  5. Do you think that after these nerfs holy paladin will be still more viable than mistweaver monk in 8.3? I am maining monk from uldir and i am seriously thinking about rerolling. Now i am healing with my pally 435 druing progression of zaqul mythic.

  6. Final Fantasy changes rarely, and only when it’s really needed due to broken gameplay. WoW changes every patch or so. It shows how bad Blizz is at this. Final Fantasy gives you a lot more ways to customize your character, and what role you play as one character.
    Ya I ditched blizzard awhile ago. YouTube keeps showing me this crap for WoW. Kinda annoying.

  7. Blizz get mad when one class actually does well for once. They get pissy and nerf. Blizz wants everything to be equal, but can’t do that. It’s ok for one class to be better then others for a while expansion. Shit it won’t kill them to just not screw stuff up. Brewmasters will soon be booted from raid groups at this rate. When a class is nerfed to much, that class gets the boot. Players don’t want to play something that can’t handle the content. They don’t enjoy slow going outside classic. They don’t want gutted classes either.
    Blizzard screwed class up to much by removing what made them special. Back in the day each class was wanted for certain things. Since each one had something others did not. Now classes are less special. Hell Druids used to be able to share a skill with others. That made them unique. Forsaken had that plague. We lost what we once had. Class fantasy and race fantasy.

  8. They are killing SP. It’s sad. Really they should just not up ilvl so much each time. Stop the forging up of stuff. The longer it takes us to get higher ilvl each expansion, the less nerfs should be needed. Nerfs many times hurt the lower gear players. Lower level players to. It hurts those trying to gear and level.

  9. I really wish they would give some love to unholy death knights, were by far the worst thing you can bring to a raid unless you really need a grip and then you should just play frost. Both frost and unholy are so poorly thought out this expansion and it feels really bad still

  10. So done with WoW.. tired of working my ass off to top meters just to have them to nerf me just because of the way they design content. Not trying to bitch but this is the third set of nerfs in a row. They screwed the game up a long time ago. I’m not sure why I stuck around this long. 8.2 was supposed to save the game and it didn’t.. not even close. 8.3 will be no different.


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