Black Market Auction House Location in Shadowlands

Black Market Auction House Location in Shadowlands

The Black Market Auction House has made appearances in every expansion since Mists of Pandaria. First at the The Veiled Stair, then in the Ring of Blood on Draenor’s Nagrand, then in the sewers of Dalaran, then in Boralus and Dazar’alor during Battle for Azeroth.

However, in Shadowlands, Madam Goya and her usual Black Market liasions will not be in control of the Black Market Auction House! Instead, the BMAH will be controlled by Cartel Ta, one of the Broker cartels we see around Shadowlands. Ta’xera, the Matron of the Market, will serve as the Black Market Auction House NPC. The new Black Market Auction House will be located in Revendreth.

Black Market Auction House Location in Revendreth

In Shadowlands, the Black Market Auction House is being hosted by Cartel Ta at the Night Market in Revendreth. At the backmost portion of the Night Market, you can see a dilapidated house, and this is where Ta’xera will be in. The closest flight path to the Night Market in Revendreth is in Wanecrypt Hill.

Wanecrypt Hill Flight Path
The Night Market – BMAH Location

For more information on the Black Market Auction House, check our BMAH guide.

Obtaining Items from the Black Market Auction House

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