Black Market Auction House Locations in Dragonflight

Black Market Auction House Locations in Dragonflight

The Black Market Auction House has made appearances in every expansion since Mists of Pandaria. First at the The Veiled Stair, then in the Ring of Blood on Draenor’s Nagrand, then in the sewers of Dalaran, Boralus and Dazar’alor during Battle for Azeroth, and Revendreth in Shadowlands.

In Dragonflight, the main Black Market location is in Thaldraszus, with a view-only location in the Waking Shores!

Black Auction Headquarters: Petitioner’s Concourse, Thaldraszus

The Black Market Auction House’s main location in Dragonflight is by the Petitioner’s Concourse, just west of Valdrakken in Thaldraszus. Madam Goya is located inside a building in the area and once again serves as the Black Market NPC. She went all out, including hiring Dracthyr as the guards for the auction house!

Note: There is a glitch going on at the moment in which characters above lv60 cannot use the Black Market Auction House in this location.

Petitioner’s Concourse – BMAH Location

Black Market Operative Location: Obsidian Bulwark, Waking Shores

A secondary location for the Black Market Auction House is by the Obsidian Bulwark in the Waking Shores. Steelsage Gao is sitting there, and you can use him to see what auctions are currently active on the Black Market, but you cannot bid on items from there.

Players who played Battle for Azeroth might remember Steelsage Gao from Mechagon, as he was one of the possible daily visitors, and an important visitor for those who dabble in the Black Market Auction House, as he awarded the recipe for the Encrypted Black Market Radio, allowing players from using the BMAH remotely.

Obsidian Bulwark – BMAH Location

For more information on the Black Market Auction House, check our BMAH guide.

Obtaining Items from the Black Market Auction House

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