Blizzard Employees Share What They've Done To Make #ABetterABK

Blizzard Employees Share What They've Done To Make #ABetterABK

With more revelations that those in power at Activision Blizzard do not seem as committed to meaningful change as they claim, those who put the work and effort into creating Blizzard’s games must often feel like their hard work is overshadowed. However, many still seem committed to seeing change, and in a feel-good thread on Twitter, ABK employees shared what they, personally, have contributed to make A Better Activision Blizzard King.

Some responded with things they’ve done in the games they work on that they’re proud of.

Others spoke about things they’ve done in the company itself.

Former employees also got involved.

Some of the responses indicated the uphill battle many ABK employees face.

Some employees needed a little help to see their own worth.

All in all, it’s heartening to see that, in the midst of all the chaos, and against what must feel like all odds, people on the ground are doing their best to make ABK a better place – and succeeding.

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