Blizzard Looking at Shadow Priest Voidform /say Language in Future Patch for Accessibility

Blizzard Looking at Shadow Priest Voidform /say Language in Future Patch for Accessibility

Comment by ForceFedFlesh

on 2022-06-14T22:44:32-05:00

Glad this is the priority for shadow priest.

Comment by Applaudforfather

on 2022-06-14T22:46:24-05:00

Finally the buffs shadow needed! Thanks blizz.

Comment by FelrynBtw

on 2022-06-14T22:49:47-05:00

it’s actually insane that not only has it taken them this long to even acknowledge this horrendous flaw with shadow priest, but also this is the only thing they’re even doing with shadow priest. fantastic.

Comment by Zurilod

on 2022-06-14T22:50:23-05:00

Or instead of having an endless loop of buying, applying, erasing glyphs, you could have it be an automatic feature of parties/raids and instances where it gets turned off for game-wide accessibility, so that we can keep our class flavor AND remain accessible to folks who need it.

So help me if I have to apply yet another glyph to my shadowform, which then becomes exclusive alongside Shadowy Friends and I have to choose one or the other. 🙁

Comment by stereopump

on 2022-06-14T22:55:10-05:00

That is unironically a really good thing. Accessibility fixes are super important for the folks that need them, love that Blizzard has been doing this stuff more and more!

…Now fix the rest of the spec 😀

Comment by CuddleBugz

on 2022-06-14T23:15:28-05:00

I think it’s a pretty cool way of letting people customize there character even further and I’m sure in time there will be all kinds of goodies for all classes and I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of upgrades in the buffs & pew pew more dots as well so we can cause damage and wreck havoc on the WoW world

Comment by alysterwolf

on 2022-06-14T23:21:20-05:00

Good to take it into account, but please don’t use glyphs, as we already have language choice section in the chat panel

Comment by Ekka

on 2022-06-14T23:43:59-05:00

Anything related to accessibility should be inside the gameplay options, not forcing every player to renounce glyphs they might like or making it really trivial to even notice for players. This also goes for the motion-sickness option they’ve recently added to the game. Why would you make it a flask instead of introducing it directly onto the gameplay options? It just makes no sense because you’re gradually hiding accessibility behind barriers that players might not know unless they take their time to search for a solution outside of the game.

This approach alongside many others that have been taken recently is BAD, any game introduces this type of help for the player to change at ANY moment within its gameplay options.

Comment by JotaRandom

on 2022-06-14T23:47:00-05:00

At this point with all the glyphs might be good idea to bring back a Glyph Interface, like you know how was in WotLK

Comment by grayshirt

on 2022-06-15T00:08:47-05:00


I think the default behavior should be the alt language and there should be some accessibility setting under game options to swap the default (for all similar cases) back to a player decipherable language.

I think Shadow Priests speaking in tongues or DH in demonic while they transform is a really nice game detail players should experience by default. Not because I’m not a fan of accessibility but because of how traditionally the default experience is what most people encounter first. And there is a good chance that if they go this “Glyph to bring back the feature” route a very large number of players will never experience this cool little piece of the game or know it exists.

Comment by Moonstaker

on 2022-06-15T00:54:30-05:00

Why are they all talking in /say? Raid chat ain’t good enough for them?

Comment by cheinii

on 2022-06-15T00:56:52-05:00

yyyyea it already broke with the cross-faction update, it is still perfectly fine in the open world but instances is a nop. xd
besides, i could already say all i need in Shath’Yar and be understood by anyone, ez that is

Comment by Turowai

on 2022-06-15T00:57:22-05:00

Good that they’re acknowledging this is a problem

Not so good that it’s another glyph (and glyphs in their current form aren’t great imho… much prefer the ‘learn’ way we used to have)

Honestly, if they need to ‘re add’ the language, then just make it an item that adds that language to your list of possible chat languages instead… keep it simple!

Also… why we can’t have some form of tome that teaches us how to speak a whole bunch of other languages?
(make them interesting to acquire if need be… 1 language at a time… or yer know… give us a mage that’ll teach us things in payment for doing some cool little quests for them?)

Comment by Mikhailov

on 2022-06-15T01:40:45-05:00

man i loved it when my WAs would call out stuff in /say only for it to not be legible in the slightest

Comment by johano3012

on 2022-06-15T01:49:33-05:00

Here I was hoping they would bring back the old voidform, either in the form of a talent or just a revamp.
But no, they fix something no one really cares about

Comment by Kargnac

on 2022-06-15T02:01:47-05:00

Is it april 1st? No? Huh, weird…

“they occasionally have to type something in /say” – they don’t have to type in /say, that is what raid chat is for. The only way they would have to use /s is addons (which use /s to not pollute /i). And addons beind mandatory is the thing Blizz should really be battling instead of this nonsense.

Comment by Archipelagos

on 2022-06-15T02:35:43-05:00

Give me a glyph for the old visuals of shadowform already, please. The new(ish) look is awful.

Comment by Anumi85

on 2022-06-15T02:44:33-05:00

Yes this definitly needs looking at, its really annoying in mythics and raids… but…. Can we also do something about Shadowform as well please, all my tansmogs are blurred into either a dark purple silhouette or a transparent and slightly less purply blob . I just want a Glyph to remove the visual effect of it, I’ve been a SP since TBC and never have I been able to enjoy how i look for now on 15 years!

Comment by Grunzling

on 2022-06-15T02:49:23-05:00

you could also add glyphs to the barbier/character creation for all classes like you did for druids. this would make things easier.

Comment by lichb0rn

on 2022-06-15T03:09:49-05:00

Why not to make a glyph for disabling this? Why should majority of spriests lose something for the sake of minority?

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