BoE Flipping Gold Guide | How I Made 2.5 Million in Sales this Week


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  1. since 370's goes for a little much on my server i started this with doing 340 – 370 gear instead of 370 – 425. Even on lower Ilvls flipping works quite good, if u spot the good deals. i bought a 350 with speed stat for 5k sold it for 10k

  2. Thanks, Breg! I did my first flip a month or so back – I made about 4k on a Darkmoon deck I bought for 16k and didn't realize I'd gotten it shortly before new gear was coming out. Did sell it for about 20k, so not bad. Then, a week or so ago, I got an endgame axe for 20k and sold it a few days ago for 30k! That 10k isn't much in the grad scheme and I won't be getting a brutosaur anytime soon, but it's HUGE for me and showed me that I CAN make gold on flips! Thanks for the great series and great advice!

  3. I m tired of buying tokens, so today i ll start with your guide. the plan is to invest 2 tokens and than start on alliance in blackrock. do you think it s viable on that server with 1 charakter on alliance? I really want to make that flipping works. buying a token every month is not my idea of being independent in that game:D. i ll watch your video 1-2 more times and check out your e book. i wanna be a millionaire too 😀

  4. digging your videos Breg! Started gold making after seeing your first BoE videos in Legion, now got the longboi, 10+ bmah containers a week, and several millions on 15+ servers. I even got my name on in this video! Woohoo feeling like a celebrity! 😀
    Keep on the good work dude!

  5. Quick question how did you get started on other realms other then your main ? Like how did you start up getting gold with a new toon ? Do you level them too 120 or do you buy token to start ?? Cheers

  6. The thing with 'too many BoEs' on the market is that blizz lets increased drop chance until the last wing of LFR is released, so people can catch-up. It's been like that with every raid release. They will nerf the drop after a while. I've noticed this back in Nighthold, where 1st packs of trash dropped like 1-2 items / trash run of 10 people. Also people farm the trash for these BoEs. After a while, only some specific trash packs will drop these BoEs.

  7. Hey Breg, I'm doing A-Level Government and Politics currently and really need help with essay structure. I would love to buy the book but the only problem is that I don't have a kindle. Is there anyway I could Pay Pal you the money for a digital copy? Thanks a bunch 🙂

  8. On a high or full pop server that might work good. Now on 80% (or more) of the low realms out there you are quite Fu#$ed. Merge all the servers AH and it might be fair…since no one in their right mind pay 40 euros to change a char for a higher pop realm.

  9. Tip: Beware of titanforging!
    You might see a nice pair of 395 Uldir gloves posted for 80k but worth 200k according to TSM.
    Don't buy it.
    Upgraded items (including warforged and socketed) have erratic regional values due to their rarity and shouldn't be taken seriously.
    Get familiar with prices per ilvl before you decide. Uldir gear still sells depending on the upgrades, but don't treat the tooltip estimates as dogma.

    Also, if you use Auctionator, be wary that the Sell tab's tooltip does not always recognize upgraded items, instead showing their BASE item level. Make sure you know what you're putting up before creating the auction or you'll wind up selling that 425 as if it were 385.

  10. Aha! I knew you were making a video when I saw you in orgimmar! :p

    Good video as always though. Also, on another note, I started with gold making for real in late legion, and I've made over 6 mill gold since the BFA launch. Thanks for your guides! 🙂

  11. Breg i really feel you have the best gold making channel on YouTube. I started watching you in Legion when having 300k was a lot of gold. Now a couple tools having a few mil is normal please keep the videos coming.

  12. Good video as usual. Not sure how they can fix the deflation, they are clearly trying to remove some of the gold from the game with all the gold sinks they have put in combined with people learning how to make gold from yours and others video creating alot of competition (not a bad thing as it helps the market formation) as well as the smaller playerbase, hopefully next expansion will be more like Legion and there will be a large influx of people, this will make it much more easy to score big on sales.

  13. In terms of the BFA gold drought, it is in Blizzards interest to do it, forces more people to buy tokens. That's why they added 3 x 333,333 gold frog mounts and a 5 mil mount to absorb even more gold out of the market. Blizzard are bleeding WOW dry for as much money as possible while they still can.


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