Bolvar, The Lich King & Shadowlands… The Next Expansion: 13 Blizzcon Predictions



Blizzcon 2019 is almost here and with it, the reveal of the new World of Warcraft Expansion. Of course Shadowlands leaked a while ago and the new Bolvar art print was found on the Blizzard store, but what will 9.0 look like? Join us for a very special Taliesin Talks as we talk Sylvanas, Yogg Saron, Bastion and make 13 predictions about the next WoW Expansion…

05:10 The Reveal: Shadowlands cinematic
10:37 Dragon Isles
12:02 Northrend Pre-Patch
13:45 New Class: Tinker, Necomancer
15:10 Class Skins
15:44 New Allied Races
16:26 Faction Changes
18:24 Level Squish
19:56 Player / Guild Housing
21:31 Tier Sets Return
22:57 Crafted Artifacts
25:21 Class Pruning, Class Quests, Class Legendaries
26:13 Battlepet Go!

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  1. So, let's look at which of these came true this Blizzcon.
    -Shadowlands cinematic: yep.
    -Dragon Isles: not yet, doesn't seem super likely to me.
    -Northrend prepatch: yeah, that seems about right.
    -New classes: nah.
    -Class skins: not yet.
    -New Allied races: not yet, but I lowkey suspect that the Covenants will be later in the expansion.
    -Faction changes: 🙁
    -Level squish: yeah, despite the 120 boost.
    -Player/guild housing: no, but new sort of order hall thingy
    -Tier sets return: yes, but not immediately.
    -Crafted artifacts: no, but crafted Legendaries.
    -class specific stuff: kind of, some unpruning, but not specific quest lines or anything.
    -Battlepet Go!: nope.

    All in all, 4.5/13 is okay.

  2. I think that Necromancer should be fourth spec for mage. After all, Necromancers are just mages that study the dark arts. So instead of being Arcane, Fire, Frost, they switch out Fire for Shadow.

  3. Tali! I think you're a reasonable guy. In alot of ways we're the same way. I think people have a certain duty in making sure their brown shirts dont go off the handle. I agreed with you 100%. Please dont be offended by this… I just heard about the drama and wanted to say that I agree with you.

  4. im back.

    I really really wanna see them do housing and class stuff to build on all the great ideas that have been in the game while the goodness has drained away since ver 5.x. i won't be truly happy till my Demonic fury melee/ranged off tanky warlock spec is restored, complete with the green black harvest wings. that was the class and spec i chose to play when I re entered wow after only popping in a couple times per expansion in wrath and cata.

  5. I want black empire expansion. And to serve Nzoth. Man I hope that broadcast text is just a vision. But if it still death relate expansion I hope we get Necromancer (Frost lich transformation (like old metamorph but can summon army of undead in lich form), summoner (control many undead) and Plague and Blood (dot for plague and blood for direct dmg, can summon 1 or 2 undead)) or Dark ranger (2 spec duel wield, or bow).


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