BROKEN OP RACIALS – The TWO NEW Allied Races In Patch 8.3 | WoW BFA


There’s two new allied races coming in Patch 8.3 – the Vulpera for the Horde, and the Mechagnomes for the Alliance.
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  1. Be away from wow for a couple years and discovering this made me come back. 1. I always wanted playerhousing for like 10 years. Since thats never gonna be a thing, I are pretty DAMN happy with makecamp. 2. Furry 😀 customisation is great. 3. Shaman but I don't like any of the races, until now! Also never main'd one! Unlimited poweraaa. 4. Starfox (showing my age)

  2. Vulpera are too mischievious to be druids .

    Mech G. Were another passive that takes the job skill away from a class .

    Remember when Mages profit off portals ?

    Remember when Rogues Profit off Opening chest ?

    Thanks Blizzard for taking away those jobs .

    That is as bad as me running legit business doing everything i enjoy most manually

    then some ass builds next to me and has everything Automated and faster .

    Where is the fuel line ! I will teach em to mess with my business ! XD

  3. Guys using a female as a toon is just weird. I think they are trying to tell the world something. Time for a little surgery?

  4. dude these gnomes look like fucking aids. that fox looks very cool but these gnomes no way but the heritage armor for the gnomes looks cooler

  5. Glad you showed the dance… I don't know about others, but key for me whether or not I want to play a new race is what their dance animation looks like. Racial abilities are a pretty decent second after that.

  6. Mechagnomes as a race feel kind lazy. They should have given the Alliance the Vulpera and the Horde should have been given the Venthyr. (the vampire people) That feels like a much more fitting entry to the roster. Think about it, we can finally have vampires vs werewolves. Lorewise, it would also make sense because the Venthyr and the Undead could totally have allied with one another for obvious reasons.

    Side Thought: What if 'Mecha' became a new class? They would play like a cross between a warrior and a druid. They transform into machines instead of animals can can shoot rockets and bombs and junk. That too is also lore-friendly because Goblins also have the capability to make advanced machinery.

  7. Too bad they nerfed the diapergnomes multiple times. That was the only desirable aspect of the AR.
    But that's what Blizzard does. At best, they give the Alliance something they didn't ask for but when announced, give the AR really good specs. That way, when Alliance players complain, they point to the specs and say, "Well, you may not like the aesthetic but these specs are something else!" just to shut them down.
    Then they wait a few weeks and make a nerf. Then another nerf and then, like in Dark Iron Dwarves, make a stealth nerf and then another nerf, so you end up with an AR that no one asked for, most people don't like the aesthetics and now the racials are blah.

  8. I feel like most of these allied races should have just been part of the appearance of the core races especially the mechagnomes, mag’har orcs, light-forged Draenei, & high mountain Tauren. .Vulpera In my imo just shouldn’t have been added. They could have added so much cooler races.

  9. I'm just waiting for Blizzard to put all the allied races in the shop for people to buy instead of unlocking. We all know it's coming

  10. WHAT is this unfairness? fuckin all racial are damage, fighting and survival,best crafting farming mechanics….and foxes get fun and giggles shit that cannot be used in combat?


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