Burning Crusade Classic Pre-Patch & Launch Details


Something something MICROTRANSACTIONS something.


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  1. I already choose my pre-patch destiny, by canceling my subscription. I was so looking forward to TBC, but can't and won't support, how they choose to present it. There, I managed to keep it polite!

  2. So do I understand this correctly that I can't stay in classic a little while longer and then change to TBC for free?

  3. so if i choose bc and my character is under lvl 60 after prepatch can i still keep lvling to 60 or am i locked out till tbc arrives?

  4. alright so, I have played ff 14 for a few years, and WOW since release. In ff 14 i fell into the trap. I payed money for them to boost a couple of my classes to 70. Guess what. I hate those classes. In ff 14 I also tried leveling different classes. I actually really dislike some of them. I like Paladin for tanking, scholar for healing, and ninja for dps. I have a lvl 80 black mage, I hate it, i paid for it, bores me to death. Machinist same thing lvl 80. hate it. If you don't like your class at level 20 you probably wont like it at max level. Anyways don't buy a character. Will most likely sit on the side as a novelty that you dont really give a shit about. play what you like, you will know if you like playing that class by level 20 or 30 wow classic.

  5. I always appreciate your videos. I canceled my sub when the level boosts were announced for TBC and was not surprised but still somehow enraged at the announcement of the so-called deluxe edition.

    But what really defeated me was seeing the community lap it up and dog pile anyone who dissented. That is something I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on.

    I still like your content even though I'm not going to play. Maybe I'll be able to get the nostalgia hype by proxy without having to support the dirty deeds of this ailing corporate monstrosity.

  6. seriously fuck these micro transactions, if classic did fine without them then why did tbc need them?

  7. 1000% it has to do with the quarterly numbers. No dev ever chooses to rush, they know it makes things sloppy, and that's the execs job.

  8. I have no problem with a June 1 release date but I would have loved the pre patch for at least a full month or 2. The honor change was massive back in the day and was looking forward to earnign some gear and having fun with it.

  9. They are not giving ppl enough time to level up their belf or draenai to 58 before launch because they want you to buy the lvl boost.

  10. Hate to say it, except I don't: the playerbase will pay for every microtransaction. Why would a company care what you have to say if you'll still pay for the services?

  11. Like bro who cares. Two weeks. Big whoop. Im pumped and all everyone does is cry. Two weeks to do what? Level a profession? Really? Level a new race which we never had in OG prepatch? really? PVP for gear when its repped in two days in outland? Really?

  12. Alex Jones is actually an accurate thing to call you, because as crazy as he is nearly always proven right.

  13. Nothing "micro" about them, lol. Definitely won't be copying any characters at that ridiculous price. Only character I'm interested in leveling up is a new alliance shaman (have almost all other classes already made/leveled)… so….. Really sad about the very short time frame to be able to level up a brand new character and be able to participate in pre-patch events as well – considering I do have a fulltime job, it will be quite a timecrunch to get ready to be 60 at launch.


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